10 of MMA's Awesomely Awesome Motivator Pictures

Jason Schielke@jasonschielkeCorrespondent ISeptember 16, 2011

10 of MMA's Awesomely Awesome Motivator Pictures

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    So when you go to the doctor's office, do you ever notice those pictures the secretary has hanging on the wall of a cat hanging from a tree with the caption, "Hang in there!"?

    Of course you have, but why is it there?

    Odds are she probably hates her job, hates the fact she's making $9 an hour while the doctor is making hundreds of thousands, hates that her teenage daughter who used to love her now hates her guts and she's hitting midlife crisis.

    But seeing that cute little kitty hanging on, against all odds, enables her to will herself through the day.

    In my home office, I have 16 pictures of cute little kittens hanging from various objects all surrounding my poster of Lil Wayne's mugshot. Somehow, the kittens make Wheezy F Baby seem not so ugly.

    But oddly enough, I have no MMA motivators.

    You know why? Because they can't be found anywhere.

    Since MMA motivators are not available at your local print store just yet, here I give you 10 MMA motivator pictures to tie you over until they are mass-produced.

Let's Get This out of the Way

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    Apparently, every slideshow needs a little Brittney.

    So here you go. You're welcome.

Practice Makes Perfect

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    Rickson Gracie was the baddest man on the planet before Joe Warren was even born—or that's what Rickson would want you to believe.

    I've never seen Rickson lose, but I've only seen him win three times.

    Where is footage of the other alleged 297 wins?

The Real UFC Middleweight Champion

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    In Bizarro world—which is Chael Sonnen's reality—he is the UFC middleweight champion.

    Okay, so if I'm not mistaken, the picture above shows that Uncle Chael tapped out when he fought Anderson Silva.

    But remember, Bizarro world is like a permanent opposite day, so in Uncle Chael's realm, it was actually Silva who tapped out. 


Big Boys Don't Cry

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    Men aren't supposed to cry. Our tear ducts are supposed to be dried up before we turn 18 years old.

    In this case, I can't blame Joe for crying. If B.J. Penn put a beat-down on me like he did Stevenson, I'd be crying like a little baby for days.

That Warm, Fuzzy Feeling

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    Admit it, you got it when Dan Henderson sent Michael Bisping crashing to the mat with a massive right hand.

    And you got even happier when Henderson nailed Bisping with the leaping right hand pictured after he was already knocked out cold.

    God bless America.

Yup, They Got That Same Feeling Too

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    So we just took a trip down memory lane to remember how we felt during the Henderson vs. Bisping fight.

    Brazilian fans get that way every time Anderson Silva kicks the crap out of someone.

    Viva Brasil!


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    We all know about Lyoto's theory behind drinking his own urine, so we won't go in to that.

    But what you probably don't know is that before UFC 113, two MMA writers made a bet on the Machida vs. Rua fight. The writer who picked Machida lost, just in case you didn't know.

    I could tell you all about what the writer had to do, record and post to YouTube in order to pay off that UFC 113 bet, but I'm not that guy.

The UFC Should Really Consider Hiring Kanye West

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    Roses are red.

    Violets are blue.

    The next time Chael grabs the mic, Kanye knows what to do.

Just Sayin'

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    If I discovered that my fiancee could beat the living crap out of me, I would expect to have my mancard taken away, ran through the shredder and flushed down the toilet.

    Then I would move to some third-world country, never to be found again.

What the Hell Was He Thinking?!?!?!

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    If you haven't heard already, it has been reported that Nick Diaz lost $1 freaking million by not showing up to the "beauty pageant" that was a mandatory press conference. He got yanked from his fight against Georges St-Pierre and rescheduled against B.J. Penn

    C'mon Nick, how dumb are you?