WrestleMania XXVIII Will Force the WWE Championship to Suffer

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IISeptember 15, 2011

A new article on WWE.com by Craig Tello, entitled "200 days Till 'Mania," reminded us of how long we have until Wrestlemania XXVIII. 

The main focus of the article was the pending colossal confrontation between The Rock and John Cena.  Is this match so important that it must overshadow every storyline for the next six months?

I get it.  We are all building towards a massive matchup between two of the WWE’s greatest stars in The Rock and John Cena.

Craig Tello predicts that it will be "CM Punk as the special referee for the Rock and John Cena."

Other predictions included "Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan going for the World title" and "The Big Show and Alberto Del Rio battling for the WWE title."

I am not suggesting these matches will happen at WrestleMania XXVIII, but the article gave me pause.  CM Punk, your hottest draw right now, would be a referee and not be in the hunt for either championship?

I have to question the direction of where we are going.  Many fans seem excited by the idea of John Cena and The Rock facing one another in a dream match. 

I’m not one of them.

The true problem with the buildup to this match is that it will cause a timetable for the current storyline involving the WWE title.

John Cena, win or lose this Sunday, will be leaving the title scene eventually to concentrate on The Rock. 

It will be impossible to feud with Alberto Del Rio for very long.  Would we be satisfied by a disqualification ending this Sunday, only to see a rematch at the next pay-per-view where Cena loses because he needs to focus on The Rock? 

Triple H and CM Punk cannot enter the WWE Championship picture yet.  Their rivalry is just warming up, so it would not make sense for either to get involved immediately.  This feud needs to continue delicately to keep up fan interest.

The WWE Championship will suffer.

The title has changed hands four times in the last two months.  There have been questionable endings, rematch clauses abound and a Rey Mysterio title reign that lasted less than two hours.  I do not see a stellar WWE Championship picture for the upcoming months either.

In the end, John Cena and the Rock will battle at WrestleMania 28.  The ending will never be able to satisfy everyone, and the buildup will make the focus on them instead of the WWE title for months to come.

Perhaps, I am of a dying breed that still believes the WWE Championship is the most prestigious title in the company, and it should never be ignored. 

My words of caution are only to illustrate that WrestleMania 28’s match between John Cena and The Rock is what it is:  One match. That one match will be overshadowing everything the closer we approach the event.

Call me pessimistic, but I would hate to see the WWE title get lost in the shuffle as we build towards April.

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