Ricky " The Hitman" Hatton Honored His Contract on the Magic Man

Nathan AguilarCorrespondent INovember 22, 2008

Paulie Malignaggi came to the ring with the same confidence and boldness he showed in   the weighing and interviews.  He even started the first round like a lot of people suspected throwing his jab and keeping the distance to throw Ricky Hatton off.  But the Magic Man had his tricks exposed early as Ricky Hatton started to pick him apart.

The bell rang for the first round to begin and Ricky Hatton and Paulie Malignaggi came out of there corner.  Paulie Malignaggi began to throw his jab with his two inch reach advantage it seemed like the perfect plan. 

Not only did he have the reach advantage he had a great jab, and body movement to win the fight alone.  Ricky Hatton looking uncomfortable tried to to throw a jab before stepping in to attack like he is custom to doing. 

The jab of course wasn't crisp and normal looking because the Hitman is normally just jumping in and attacking his opponent overwhelming them with punches.  But with new trainer Floyd Mayweather everyone had to expect Ricky Hatton to try and box as much as possible.  In his latest interviews he spoke about wanting to use more boxing skills to prolong his career. 

He named boxers like Arturo Gatti and Antonio Barrera who went from brawling and leaving it all on the mat to boxing and using experience to win fights.  Ricky Hatton needs to realize Gatti and Barrera fought with the same intensity even win they chanced the game plan. 

They knew when to go back to using there brawling and overwhelming ability to close out a fight.  New skills are good to learn but don't throw away the ones that got you were you're at.

But give all credit to Ricky Hatton he fought a great ten rounds tonight.  Floyd Mayweater Sr. could have watched the fight from home because Ricky Hatton won tonight's fight from experience, and old tactics he gained from ex trainer Billy Graham.  He came out in the second round and used pressure stunning Paulie, and using his strength and will to wear him down.

For ten rounds Ricky Hatton had the Magic Man doing the same trick throwing his jab and nothing else.  Every once in awhile he would try and throw a straight and even if it did land it didn't make a difference.  In the 11th round trainer Buddy Mcgirt seen enough and threw in the towel knowing that Paulie needed a knockout to win, and there was no reason for him to continue to take the punches he was taking.

At the end when both fighters were interviewed Ricky Hatton talked about fighting the winner to the Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Pacquiao fight.  And Paulie Malignaggi was expressing how he felt he was better then what the fans saw.  He expressed very emotionally that he was hurt worse in the Cotto bout then this one, and there was no reason for the fight to be stopped and he was angry there was a KO on his record.

I personally agree with Buddy Mcgirt when your a trainer your job is to protect your fighter, and make sure there able to fight another day.  Fighters will fight no matter what there experiencing because that is what they do fight.

So congrats to Ricky "The Hitman" Hatton, on his 11th round TKO.