NFL's Week 12 Picks

Jason BravermanContributor INovember 22, 2008

My pick in bold...


Eagles @ Ravens-I really like the Eagles here to rebound from their tie last week in a game they really did not play well in. The Ravens rank in the bottom half of the league in points, yards, and passing yards; two of those three categories the Eagles rank in the top 10 on defense, and the other one, passing yards, the Eagles are 11th.


Bears @ Rams-Having given up under 30 points just three times this year, and three games in a row when Haslett was hired, I find it hard to pick a Rams team which ranks 24th or worse in every major defensive and offensive category. The Bears have lost their last two, and nearly three, almost losing to the Lions, but expect them to turn it around here and go above .500.


Jets @ Titans- This game could be very interesting. Favre hasn't thrown a pick his last two games, and only one in his past three, but I see this changing on Sunday. Kerry Collins is starting to become a reliable QB, not just a game manager. Also, two of the three Jet losses have come on the road, and so have two of their three one possession games, though they have won all three. 

It will be interesting to see how the league's best defense in points allowed will match up against the league's second best offense in points. Ultimately, the Jets are going to get their first one-possession loss of the year.


Pats @ Dolphins-There's no way the Pats defense is going to allow Ronnie Brown to have another day like he had in Week Three. Since Week Three, the Dolphins have failed to put up 30 points again, and have not won by double digits, including beating the Seahawks and Raiders by a combined four points. 

The Pats, on the other hand, have scored at least 30 points three times since their last meeting. The Dolphins rank 24th in points scored, a feat they will have to overcome to beat a team with a top 10 defense in points allowed. 

The Pats, a team in the top 10 for rushing yards and total yards, and just barely outside of the top 10 in passing yards, will get revenge to even out the season series.


Texans @ Browns-It's a fact, the Texans just can't win on the road. They are 0-5 away from Houston. The Browns, who are not as bad as everyone thinks they are, are now sitting at 4-6, and have beaten both Buffalo and the Giants. 

The Browns only lost to the Steelers by four, three to the Redskins, and four once again to the Broncos. Brady Quinn has developed nicely thus far.


Bucs @ Lions- The Lions are 0-10, the Bucs are 7-3.  Seriously, though, the Lions make me kind of nervous.  They had their four game streak of losing by one possession snapped two weeks ago, but then returned to form losing by under ten to Carolina.  Still, I can't pick them here.


Vikings @ Jags- This was the game hardest for me to pick.  I know that later, after the games are over, this won't end up as the closet game.  It might, though, as the Vikings have played in a one possession game every game for the past two months, the past seven weeks. 

Their last game decided by more than one possession was a Sept. 28 loss to the Titans. So, in a game that seems very up in the air to me, I'm going with my gut and picking Jacksonville.


Bills @ Chiefs-I'm not convinced; I could be wrong here. The Bills have lost four straight, and Edwards has been horrible. Exclude last week, and the Chiefs had lost by no more than four dating back to Oct. 19. I just don't see Thigpen, though he's been great, winning.


49ers @ Cowboys-Regardless of whether the 'Boys make the playoffs, you know they will at least be close. This game should really not even be close. The 49ers have beaten 0-10 Lions, 2-8 Seahawks, and 2-8 Rams.


Raiders @ Broncos-When the two met in Week One, the Broncos won in Oakland, 41-14. True, the season has developed, and the Broncos remain hard to figure out, but if Cutler can play like he has all season, I see no reason to pick the Raiders.


Panthers @ Falcons-In Week Four, the Panthers won 24-9. That doesn't automatically mean they'll win this week, but it's just something to pay attention to. The Falcons have a subpar defense, compared to the Panthers elite defense. Both teams have top ten rushing attacks, so with relatively even numbers, I'm going with the Panthers.


Giants @ Cardinals- The Cards have not beaten a team that would currently be in the playoffs, and the Giants would be the one seed. Expect the No. 1 rushing team to stomp all over Arizona, even if the Cardinals have the second best passing strike, the Giants match up with the second least passing yards allowed.


Redskins @ Seahawks-If you've read my last few articles, you'll see how much I think the Redskins are overrated.  I won't go on about it now, but if you want to see why, read my article.  The Seahawks lost by just two to the 6-4 Dolphins, and only six to the 7-3 Cardinals, showing signs of improvement.


Colts @ Chargers- While I still don't think the Chargers will make the playoffs, their season is absolutely done if they lose this. I don't think the Chargers will lose this "must win," as they already have won two; at 0-2, crushing the Jets, and at 2-3, crushing the Pats. Both those two games, and this one, were played on Sunday or Monday night.


Packers @ Saints- I honestly don't think this will be close. Brees and company have managed to keep their No. 1 ranking for total yards, despite the injury of Reggie Bush, who might be coming back this week.