WWE News: Survivor Series Sells Out in 90 Minutes Due to Ads Hyping the Rock

David BixenspanFeatured ColumnistSeptember 10, 2011

Survivor Series ad (Via WWE.com)
Survivor Series ad (Via WWE.com)

WWE.com is bragging that tickets to Survivor Series on November 10th at Madison Square Garden in New York City sold out this morning in less than 90 minutes.  It appears there are still some scattered ringside seats available, but they're just about gone.

While it was well known that The Rock would be appearing on the show (in part because it was the 15th anniversary of his WWE debut at the same event in the same building), late local ads for the sale have strongly implied he will be wrestling.

The WWE.com announcement about the sellout doesn't use the deceptive wording about The Rock being "in action" that the local TV commercial and locally-targeted web-based ads used.  Instead, it says that "Fifteen years after making his electrifying WWE debut at Survivor Series, The People's Champion returns to MSG for the first time in eight years!"

As of this writing, the official event page on Facebook and the event page on TheGarden.com still say that "The Rock returns to action for the first time in 8 years."  While the event was clearly going to sell out, especially with The Rock doing anything on the show, I would think that the inference in the local ads that he will be wrestling made this a hotter ticket than usual.

So far, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez of F4WOnline.com are both under the impression that it's deceptive advertising, and that there is no plan for The Rock to wrestle on the show.  Personally, I feel that we should let it play out.

In recent years, WWE has not engaged in the kind of blatantly misleading advertising that this would be if The Rock is not set to wrestle on this show.  Survivor Series is a "big four" pay-per-view event at MSG with The Rock appearing.  It would sell out anyway.

Why throw in the misleading wording?  Just because the wrestling business has a history of it?  The wording used in the sellout announcement would have worked just fine.  It's The Rock at MSG celebrating the 15th anniversary of his debut, tons of people will still want to see him live even if he's not wrestling.

False advertising just seems so unnecessary to me in this case that I feel like there's a piece of the puzzle missing.

Meanwhile, if you want a ticket from Ticketmaster, act fast or check their site to see if any new seats open up as the building renovations are completed, and WWE figures out their production configuration.