NFL Week 12 Picks

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst INovember 21, 2008

Didn't bother rushing the picks to accomodate last night's game because well, who doesn't beat the Bengals? Besides the Eagles, that is.  So here are my picks for the rest of Week 12's games.


New England over Miami: Remember how this matchup used to be a laugher? Maybe it will be again but recently it was the other way around. Miami humiliated New England in week 3, and I'm sure Bill Belichick won't let his team forget it. And if they have, I'm sure he has enough videotape to refresh their memories.

Carolina over Atlanta: Big game in the NFC South.  The Falcons may not be as good as they've been hyped up to be.  The Panthers are for real and the second best team in the NFC.

Indianapolis over San Diego: The Chargers beat the Colts twice last season, the latter being in the AFC divisional playoffs where QB Philip Rivers was talking smack while ANOTHER quarterback was winning the game for his team.  The Chargers are desperate for a win and the Colts will enjoy making their playoff hopes seem a little less likely.

Green Bay over New Orleans: Offense versus defense.  The Saints have not won two games in a row this season which is a mystery when you look at Drew Brees' stats.  The Packers were impressive in last week's slaughtering of Chicago.


Giants over Arizona: This is really the don't miss game this week, along with their roommates the Jets.  This a game that worries me for the world champions.  They'll be on the road, even though it is the site of their Super Bowl win.  On Kurt Warner's worst day he'll still throw for 300 yards.  The Achilles heel is the Cardinals defense, which Earth, Wind, and Fire should have a field day against.

Tennessee over Jets: Mostly because I've picked against the Titans for the last two weeks, and that sure hasn't worked out.  The Jets are hot right now, and are in a position to hand Tennessee its first loss.  The Titans aren't playing like a team that's 10-0, i.e. they're not really blowing anybody out.  They're doing it simple and will do it again on Sunday.

Baltimore over Philadelphia: McNabb won't have to worry about any ties this week.  Granted, the Ravens team is pretty much scarred for life after getting wrecked by the Giants.  The Eagles seem to be more comfortable on third and long than third and short, or third and inches, or third and a hair.  This is a gut check game for the Eagles.  We'll see what they're really made of here.


Cleveland over Houston: Battle of two really disappointing teams this season.  The Browns seemed to have gotten back on track a little last week with Brady Quinn as their starter, but Phil Dawson saved the day for the Browns who almost blew yet another double-digit lead.  Perhaps they should give opponents early leads and see what happens.

Kansas City over Buffalo: And the collapse continues for the Bills.  The downfall will get even worse when the lowly Chiefs upset them this week.  Tyler Thigpen is putting up great numbers and Trent Edwards had more interceptions in last week's first quarter than other QB's have this season.

Minnesota over Jacksonville: The Desperation Bowl.  Whoever loses this game might just be done for the year.  But Minnesota is actually tied for first place in their division, while Jacksonville is third and won't catch the Titans or Colts.


Tampa Bay over Detroit: I don't know who to feel worse for.  Rod Marinelli who is going to get fired, or Dante Culpepper who will have to stay on the team for at least another season.  It's almost hard to believe this is not the worst Detroit has ever been.  Once they lose this week and next week and go to 0-12, they'll match their monumentally pathetic start of 2001.

Chicago over St. Louis: St. Louis seemed to save their season with back-to-back wins against NFC East opponents, but have not won since then.  Chicago was embarrassed last week in Green Bay, and will be ready to put it behind them.

Dallas over San Francisco: Marion Barber saved the Cowboys sorry season last week and as long as he gets the ball, the Cowboys will win.

Denver over Oakland: The Raiders are bad.  And that's the nicest adjective I can use to describe them.

Washington over Seattle: Remember the days when Seattle was one of the few consistent teams?  No matter who got hurt, who left the team, they always found a way.  Things have changed a little.  I'm sure Mike Holmgren has already packed up his office.