Watch Tom Brady Get Some Swagger Back

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 9, 2011

Tom Brady could use a boost of swagger at the moment, while the popular UGG brand could use a front man to introduce their new men's line.

Both have met in a marvelous marketing moment. 

We have already seen the depths that Tom Brady's manhood could plummet. He grew his hair long and took to carnival earlier this year. His dance moves immediately erased all the glory he created on the field. 

The people at UGG were in the midst of rolling out a shoe designed for men. Their challenge was to convince the millions of men around the world who wouldn't be caught dead in UGGs. 

The key was to show a shoe that looked great and exuded a manly ethos. UGG went a step further by giving the shoes a personality of their own. 

In the video, you have manic cinematography mixing with phat beats supplied by Mos Def. Both of those things actually bring Tom Brady back to the world of cool. 

The man that has been listed as out of touch or, dare I say, dorky, is now a hip spokesman for a fashion-forward shoe. 

If I am honest, the shoes look great. The moment I heard they were UGGs, I may have ran the other way. However, this commercial supplants UGGs for men as a completely different product than the women's apparel. 

These shoes simply have a ton of swagger. Every man wants to look dapper and on their game when they go out. You want to carry that bounce in your step all day, at the park, in the city and at the bar. Tom Brady and Mos Def make me believe that UGGs can be for men. 

That is a miracle of enormous proportions. The bigger ploy was making Tom Brady look cool. Somehow, someway, both were accomplished in one 60 second spot. 

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