Kevin Nash Could Not Lead a Successful Stable in WWE Today

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IISeptember 9, 2011

A successful stable should equal dominance.  Kevin Nash has not been a dominant force in over 10 years.  It is time for all of us to realize that Kevin Nash cannot lead a successful stable in the WWE today.

Forget the farce of Nash being “released.”  Kevin Nash was not cleared to return to action, therefore he cannot wrestle.  What good would he be in a stable? 

A thriving stable typically stacks up on championships.  Nash can’t even get into the ring, let alone insert himself into the World title picture.

Could Nash take on the role of manager and recruit top talent to work for him?  Possibly, but who could he recruit that would be a legitimate world title contender? 

We all know John Cena will never turn heel, so don’t even bother bringing that up.  The man is there to keep the kids happy and be the face of the company; it’s good marketing, whether we like it or not.  Same goes for Randy Orton.  He is not turning heel any time soon.

Alberto Del Rio is an interesting name, but he comes off as far too selfish.  Why would he want to “work” for Nash?  Not to mention, Del Rio has enough critics already on him for being champion.  He doesn’t need to be criticized for being the centerpiece of any stable too.

Then there is the possibility of turning CM Punk heel to join this Kevin Nash-led stable.  The momentum of Punk would nose dive.  It would truly be devastating.  Opinions vary about CM Punk, but he infused energy into a once-stagnant WWE.  Punk needs to remain the anti-hero.

Lastly, some speculate that Triple H could still be in cahoots with Nash.  With Triple H taking on the role of COO, they would still need a current superstar to go after the championship.

Is Triple H going to be COO AND World Champion?  Why not just fire every wrestler on the roster and proclaim yourself the titleholder for every belt.  Including Divas!

The Miz and R-Truth have been thrown around as potential members of a possible stable led by Nash.  Honestly, they would not be terrible in an NWO-like stable, but you need more than those two. 

If they were to become the Tag Team Champions, it would certainly boost the star power of such a stable.  Still, they would need to be a believable championship-caliber team.

Kevin Nash is too old to be the center of any successful stable.   Without a current star, any stable led by Nash would be a waste.  Who would be the dominant force that Kevin Nash could control?  The mid carders are meaningless without a real threat behind them.  Stables are built around power. 

Another question to consider would be the motivation for Nash to even create an NWO-like stable anyway.  Would it be to gain control of the company?  Would it be to dismantle CM Punk and squash his “revolution?”

At a time where sides are more blended than ever, I am not sure of Kevin Nash’s role anymore.  John Cena is the face, Alberto Del Rio is the top heel, Triple H is the establishment and CM Punk is the anti-hero.  Where does Nash fit in?

The truth is all this storyline has done is create confusion and false hope so far.  I understand that it sparked a renewal of interest for both current and veteran fans.  Ultimately though, the story should be on the world title picture, not Kevin Nash. 

A stable controlled by Nash would mean little if they could not take over and compete for titles, especially the WWE or World championship.

Until the focus is back on reinvigorating the WWE title race, a dominant stable led by Nash, or anyone else, just does not seem vital.  There is a lack of top-tier talent at the moment, and some of the reason has to do with the WWE concentrating on superstars well past their prime.

Many fans seem to be craving the return of a dominant stable like Degeneration X or the New World Order.  Contrary to what you may be thinking, I am in support of a new stable forming, but Kevin Nash cannot be in charge.  It’s time to move on and concentrate on the young talent the WWE already has. 

I’d much rather enjoy seeing a heel turn in Triple H and the creation of the Corporation 2.0, but we’ll see. 

This is my first article written as a member of the Bleacher Report family.  I encourage you to give me your feedback and suggestions.  I look forward to sharing opinions with all of you.  Thanks for reading!

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