WWE News: It Appears the Return of Super Cena Has Been Confirmed

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIISeptember 7, 2011

The past couple of weeks on both Raw and SmackDown, John Cena has seen action.

He fought Wade Barret on SmackDown and on Raw this past week, he competed in an eight-man Elimination Match.

On SmackDown, Wade Barret came to the ring and reminded John Cena that he owned him like a slave and he personally asked for the match to prove to the world that he still does. People watching it thought with the way WWE was going, it would be a hard fought match to start off the new super show.

They were dead wrong.

What everyone got was a complete squash match that saw John Cena beat Wade Barret with almost no offense from Wade Barret himself. John Cena set him up for the "Attitude Adjustment" and gave a wink to the camera. He delivered it and got the three count.

That left a very disgusting taste in not just my mouth, but the mouths of many. This was one match however and John Cena had not had a dominant match in a long time. It could have been a bone WWE was throwing to him and an understandable one.

The very next week, John Cena was not seen until the end of Raw where he was giving his promo on Alberto Del Rio. Alberto Del Rio came out and said everything twice. He seriously did.

He then sent out a group of people he had talked to throughout the night to attack John Cena. A group of people that have not been used on WWE television that much rushed to the ring to make the save.

The Eight Man Elimination Match was made and from the very start, it had Super Cena written all over it.

It was a very typical situation where the odds were being stacked against him as his teammates were being eliminated one by one. Eventually, it got down to a two on one. It was John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger. It even had the predictability that everyone is familiar with.

I called from the very start of the match that John Cena would be left, Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler would fight and it would cost them the match.

Guess what happened.

Alberto Del Rio tried to come in and do something but was quickly AAed and sent packing. A predictable ending to a very good Raw show.

Because of all of that I must now ask a very obvious question.

Is Super Cena back already?

I wrote an article a while back stating that there appeared to be some change in John Cena's character in the CM Punk feud and that it was a good change because it was something that was desperately needed.

I may have been wrong all this time.

I thought WWE had moved on from this and that change was happening. A new era was dawning on the fans and IWC and those days were behind them. It looks like it was just for one feud and that was it.

John Cena is displaying what everyone did not want to see and got sick of long ago. Maybe I am jumping the gun, maybe I am not. All that I do know is right now WWE is starting to revert back to its old Super Cena days.

The WWE better not have it planned to be that way for the rest of the Alberto Del Rio feud. If they do, that is one major story line for them they already killed for the fans and the IWC because that would mean when Night of Champions happens, it will be a familiar feeling.

A predictable atmosphere, ending and a predictable match that results in John Cena being champion. I am hoping for the best.

I am sure the fans and IWC are as well.

Thanks everyone for reading! I hope everyone enjoyed. Let me know your thoughts and opinion on the article, on what is going on, what you think is going on with this story line and if you feel that Super Cena is returning. Check out my other articles and comment on those as well. I appreciate all the feedback I can get.

The name is Robert Knight and I plan on writing the best articles on Bleacher Reports and the IWC.