WWE CM Punk and Triple H: Their Best Storyline Is over

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIISeptember 6, 2011

This week on Raw CM Punk and Triple H did a couple of things that changed the entire picture of their match. Kevin Nash appears not to be a factor with Triple H firing him because of a claim that he was the one to send the text message and lied about it.

He was seen getting into a limo with John Laurinaitis and driving off. Only time will tell if his career with WWE is over or if something will be worked out behind the scenes.

After that CM Punk conquered R-Truth in their match.

Triple H then decided to come down to the ring and let CM Punk know that the match that was originally Kevin Nash vs. CM Punk but changed to facing Triple H, was being changed yet again. He reminded Punk that this is personal and he does not want to pin him, he wants to beat him.

Triple H stated that it will be no disqualification, no count outs and that anything goes. Just when everyone thought that was that, CM Punk said that he wants a stipulation of his own if he is going to agree to Triple H's. When he beats Triple H at Night Of Champions he wants Triple H to resign as the COO of the company.

Triple H agreed and left the ring.

There are a couple of things here that are interesting. The first one being that Triple H was supposed to wrestle on RAW and did not. WWE appears to have that saved for next week or maybe even on a Super Smackdown before the PPV.

The other and most interesting one is the stipulation that has been added. Not Triple H stepping down if he loses. The one stating no DQ and anything goes.

People out there are not surprised by this, but it is the key factor for the match.

This stipulation changes the match because now a number of different things can happen to alter the outcome of the match, and there is no debating it. If this were a clean, one-on-one match, WWE would have to do a number of things in order for the outcome they plan to happen.

With a "No Disqualification" match they can easily twist anything in their favor. This was done because now it will not make either wrestler look weak against the other, it brings more interest to the match itself and no matter what, the storyline will continue.

Why am I saying that it is over when it has been stated that it will continue?

Because the winner is already determined: Triple H.

There is no reason for WWE to take Triple H off COO.

Triple H has brought a lot of attention to the WWE, and as long as he is the COO, fans and the IWC will always believe something different will be brought to the table when WWE is turned on every week.Taking him off of that will take it away.

There are many CM Punk fans, myself including, who would love to see the controversy, shock and unpredictability that would come from Triple H having to step down. Thinking about it alone is compelling.

Sadly it will not happen because it would also make CM Punk too powerful.

CM Punk may be the hero's anti-hero of the WWE, but at some point WWE has to show that he is also human. CM Punk has to lose the match to show the fans that CM Punk is not another John Cena and will win a slew of matches no matter what happens. If he were to take out Triple H, the COO, what else is there for the character to do?

He would be too powerful, and even though many fans want to see CM Punk at the top in the biggest way possible, it would not look good for WWE. CM Punk has nothing else to accomplish, and his presence in the company is no longer needed.

CM Punk must lose.

If he does not, he will not be the underdog being mistreated and he will be a hypocrite to all of his beliefs.

Thanks everyone for reading. I hope that everyone enjoyed it, and I would like to know your thoughts and opinions on the storyline, the article itself, and what you believe is going to happen between these two. Check out my other articles and comment on those as well. I appreciate all the feedback I can get.

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