WWE: Dear IWC, Please Stop Asking for an NWO Return

TJ NagyAnalyst IIISeptember 5, 2011

I usually respect and admire every opinion that I see throughout the Internet Wrestling world. It's what keeps pro wrestling alive, it's where new and exciting ideas can grow and it's where voices like mine can always be heard. Luckily, that voice has grown exponentially over the last several months, thanks to the new direction that the WWE is heading.

No matter what wrestling forum one chooses to go to, there's always an abundance of unique debates, ideas and insights that allows even the casual wrestling fan to be a part of the action. What makes it better is that every idea is respected and allowed to be heard. 

John Cena turning heel? Yeah, it probably won't happen, but it would easily be the biggest shockwave to hit the wrestling world since Bash At The Beach '96, and the IWC is always quick to point that out. 

Undertaker's 20th Wrestlemania opponent? The possibilities are endless, and there's always that slight chance that an icon like Sting or a force like Brock Lesnar just may step into the squared circle to face the Deadman.

A Zach Ryder push? Ryder has quickly become the symbol of the IWC, and in many ways, it was their persistency and enthusiasm that got Ryder back on WWE television. See guys, Vince does listen...sometimes.

However, there's one idea floating around recently that I simply cannot stand for, and it must be stopped immediately.

It's the return of the nWo, and quite frankly, even the thought of something like this is nothing but ridiculous.

The nWo is the greatest stable of all time: it revolutionized an entire business and started a war that catapulted wrestling into the mainstream. Now, with the recent return of one of its founding fathers, Kevin Nash, to the WWE, the buzz is starting to circulate that the return of the New World Order just might be on the horizon.

And why not? Nash's theme music is this old song, and there isn't a better time right now in the WWE to start a dominating stable. Nash's return may have officially got the ball rolling, and in many people's opinion, it may only be a matter of time.

But come on guys, is the resurgence of the nWo really a good idea? Would it even make sense in this current era of wrestling?

No and no.

First of all, the last time the WWE tried to start an nWo storyline it didn't just end badly, it ended horribly. The return of Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash started off like a dream come true, but not for long.

Scott Hall was released within months of his return after a drunken altercation on an airplane, Kevin Nash was injured every other week and Hogan was in the nWo for only a month until Hulkamania returned. Then, the WWE decided to throw in a grab bag of guys like Big Show, Booker T, X-Pac, and Shawn freakin' Michaels into the mix, until one day, like magic, the New World Order disappeared. After what was going on with the stable and considering how silly the whole thing had gotten, it was definitely for the best.

Just because Nash is back doesn't mean that the nWo should return with him. For one thing, you may not need Hogan and Hall for this idea to make sense, but it certainly would make much more of a lasting impact; last time I checked, Hall was in horrible mental and physical shape, and Hogan was treading water in TNA.

So what's the plan? You want to throw a bunch of newer wrestlers, who have no business wearing the black and white, into this legendary stable and be forced to live up to what the New World Order once stood for? That's like putting Hornswoggle in DX...oh wait.

Come on, John Cena in the nWo? Can you even imagine how ridiculous that would look? Really sit and think about it for a second. It would ruin everything that the New World Order stood for when it was first created, and although I know that the WWE loves running good things into the ground until they're dead, they need to be smart and leave this one thing alone for once.

All one has to do is look at what the creative team did to Nexus. In a little over a year, the biggest thing to happen to wrestling in a couple of years was reduced to a shell of its former self, and just like the nWo, it suddenly disappeared without warning or reason, ruining its legacy in the process.  

It's time to accept it everybody: the nWo is old, the nWo is played out and in today's youth movement, the nWo would be the cancer to end everything the WWE has been trying to build. It's time to move on, and no matter how badly a few voices in the IWC may want it, the WWE simply doesn't need it.

IWC, I beg of you to stop this. Whether or not you've noticed yet, your voices are finally starting to be heard. The WWE, after years of ignoring our cries, are finally listening to the fans that keep this company alive. Everything is changing for the better, and things couldn't be brighter right now in the professional wrestling landscape.  

Don't get greedy, and please stop thinking that the return of the nWo would be a good idea. Because one day someone might actually listen, and the nWo will officially stand for nothing.