WWE: 5 Superstars and Their ESPN Counterparts

Brent Turner@@BrentTurner1Correspondent IIISeptember 5, 2011

WWE: 5 Superstars and Their ESPN Counterparts

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    A few weeks ago, I posted a slide show that outlined some superstars and their Hollywood counterparts. Today is going to be rating the Superstars of the WWE and how they might fare against the personalities of ESPN.

    This list is meant as nothing but fun, so do not take it too seriously when you read it. I enjoyed putting it together and comparing the personalities of both companies. I almost compared Coach to himself, but I thought that would be too obvious. 

    If you think that I have misplaced any of the wrestlers, please leave a comment below and let me know where I could improve.   

CM Punk=Bill Simmons

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    Bill Simmons is on quite a roll with ESPN. His love for wrestling is obvious, as he has written many articles based on various pay per views over the years. If you have not read any of these, I encourage you to search the internet for these reads. Some of them will have you laughing hysterically by the end of the article. Just recently, he posted a very detailed story on the troubles of Ric Flair financially and personally. The reason why he gets related to CM Punk is because both of them have actually done things their way over the years and moved to the top of their respected profession.  

    If you have read the book, Those Guys Have All the Fun Bill Simmons seems to have the inside track on many freedoms at ESPN in terms of what he says and produces for his online column, Grantland. Simmons is a very talented writer who is very good at what he does, much like Punk has done for the wrestling industry the last six months as he has risen to the top of his game.  

Kelly Kelly= Erin Andrews

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    Is this one too obvious?  Both of them have the blond beauty locked in and seem to be personable with the masses. The only difference is that Andrews seems to have ascended to the top of the female reporting mountain with her responsibilities at ESPN, yet Kelly still has not surpassed Lita and Trish in terms of popularity within the ranks of WWE divas.  

The Undertaker= Chris Berman

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    The veteran of the ESPN bunch, Berman has been around and probably has seen it all. Sound familiar? Although he is not as active as he used to be, the Undertaker still shows up for the big shows throughout the year, much like Berman does with the NFL draft and Monday Night Football pregame shows.  

    Berman knows that he is irreplaceable at ESPN, and the Undertaker knows that his legacy is secure in the history of the WWE. The biggest difference between these two is that Berman has not changed his gimmick that much, using the word play on athletes' names, while the Undertaker has altered his appearance and personality over the years.  

    Both Berman and the Undertaker know their time is running out, and in some ways, each particular company will lost a lot when these men retire.  

John Cena: Stuart Scott

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    The main reason that I chose these two characters is because they believe that millions of people like them, when in reality, the only ones that do are still in school at a young age.  

    Watching Stuart Scott act like he is the greatest anchor on ESPN is like watching John Cena believe he is the greatest champ in the world. They both make me bored and expedite my search for the remote. As Punk stated last week, "click, click, click."

    Scott used to be tolerable, but as he moved up the ranks of ESPN, he lost that credibility and morphed into a person who felt as though he was where he should be, and the process to get him there took too long. 

    Cena continues to believe he can rile up the crowd, but as he looks around, he should be realizing that most of the screams are coming from the younger crowd.

The Miz=Colin Cowherd

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    This was one of my favorite slides because I like both Cowherd and the Miz.  Both of them have that spirit about them that they are better than you, and they are not afraid to share that.  Cowherd has insulted wrestling fans over the years much like the Miz insults fans each week on Raw. 

    The thing that makes it interesting about these guys is that so many people hate them, but we continue to tune in to the shows that they are on. Cowherd's shows are among the most popular on ESPN programming, while the Miz keeps audiences captivated with his well timed promos.  

    Both guys are good at what they do and bring up the talent around them at their respective employers.

Final Analysis

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    This was a quick list that I hope you could enjoy.  Once again, nothing serious, but just something that you can think about.  Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend.