WWE Night of Champions 2011: The Punk-Triple H Feud Is the Real Main Event

TJ Nagy@@tj_nagyAnalyst IIISeptember 5, 2011

For an event like Night of Champions, where every title will be defended, it's very interesting to see that the biggest match on September 18 won't have anything on the line but pride.

Ever since SummerSlam, no storyline has been more intriguing and exciting then the CM Punk-Triple H-Kevin Nash rivalry, and after weeks of these three men consuming Monday Night Raw, we are still left with tons of questions regarding this whole thing.

All of this recent drama has made for some truly entertaining programming for the WWE, and as we inch closer and closer to NOC, it's clear that CM Punk vs. Triple H is going to be quite a match. In addition, there's no doubt that Nash will get involved in some way as well.

This match proves once and for all that the WWE has tons of faith in their new icon, CM Punk. Non-title, top-card feuds are only reserved for the best of the best in the business, and NOC will be Punk's moment to silence any doubters that may still be out there and prove that he's here to stay.

In the meantime, the WWE title picture is looking pretty bleak as of right now, which is to be expected with all the commotion coming from someplace else. Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio has at least one thing going for it: we've never seen them fight in a main event before. But besides that, there's really nothing else about this little rivalry that has grabbed the attention of the WWE universe.

On the blue brand, Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry has been just as bland. Although Henry has continued to be nothing but the epitome of domination lately, I sincerely doubt we'll see anything too unpredictable once NOC rolls around. SuperOrton will walk out still champ and all will be right with the world.

There's a few other reasons why I think NOC will be a bit disappointing, but the biggest issue is the simple fact that both World Title matches are just not as interesting as they should be for a PPV like this. Thank God that CM Punk has come to save this event from irrelevancy.

There's still a few weeks before NOC arrives, but if this recent trend in the WWE's programming continues, I can honestly say that there's only one reason why I will be watching this PPV on September 18—and it won't have to do with any champions.