David Vs. Goliath II: "The Dream Match"

noning antonioContributor INovember 17, 2008

On December 06, 2008, we will find out if David will again emerge victorious against Goliath
 in a match dubbed as “Dream Match” featuring Manny Pacquiao as David and Oscar dela Hoya
as Goliath.

As many boxing analysts including non-hard core boxing fan saw this fight as a mismatch
and described it as another encounter between David and Goliath. Pacquiao is David,
dela Hoya is Goliath.

However, in the case of this two ring gladiators, there was transpose of situation where this time catholic
or non-catholic deemed David's fall on Goliath's wrath, not unlike in the Biblical
context where David was the one who cut off the head of Goliath and presented it to the jealous King,

Pacquiao, is the underdog based on the betting stats in Las Vegas making dela Hoya as the
much favorite boxer to win the battle this coming Christmas season. Again, it reminds me
 the story of the young shepherd David.

Israelites soldiers and King Saul laughed-off and belittled David's capacity to kill the Giant
Goliath who during those time sow terror and murdered hundreds of Israelites soldiers.

King Saul even mocked David and offered his finest armor for him to use for his battle
against Goliath. But the young boy refused and uttered that he will use nothing but only
his sling shot which he used in killing bears and lions to protect the flock of his father.

Now, if Pacquiao is dubbed as David come fight night then I foresee a repetition of the first encounter between David and Goliath, and who will be the fallen warrior? will it be the skinny David or the mighty Goliath? You guess, so easy to answer.

Lots of boxing aficionados belittle Pacquiao's capacity to upset the bigger, taller Golden Boy of HBO and PPV. Just like, the Israelites who laughed off David's aptitude to kill Goliath. Pacquaio is known of his faith in God everytime he climbs the ring.

Kneeling in the corner before he starts trading leathers with his opponent praying on God's guidance while on the course of the fight that he and his opponent would not get hurt and end the bout in safely is often his prayer to the all mighty creator.

Come fight night, we will see if Pacquiao will emerge victorious against dela Hoya, which I also dubbed it as "David VS. Goliath 11" the Dream Match! Let's get ready to Rumble!