WWE Night of Champions: CM Punk vs. Triple H Due to Kevin Nash Failing Physical

David BixenspanFeatured ColumnistAugust 30, 2011

Maybe CM Punk caught something from Kevin Nash (Photo by WWE.com)
Maybe CM Punk caught something from Kevin Nash (Photo by WWE.com)

Dave Meltzer has reported in the members-only area of F4WOnline.com that the big non-title match at Night of Champions in Buffalo, New York, has been changed from CM Punk vs. Kevin Nash to CM Punk vs. Triple H because Nash failed the WWE physical examination.  The only information about the actual condition that is keeping Nash from wrestling is that Nash would've worked the match if he was diagnosed with it "in another era."

In the past, Meltzer has talked about Nash having heart and knee problems.  The knee problems go back to his time playing basketball.  The heart problems are believed to be a combination of family history and...other factors that may or may not seem obvious.

A variety of different medical issues have kept wrestlers out of action since WWE started giving thorough physical examinations to talent both before hiring them and while they were under contract.  Some were easily remedied, like elevated liver enzyme counts for a variety of wrestlers who didn't have any other liver ailment.  Other wrestlers were turned down due to blood-borne illnesses like Hepatitis C and HIV.  Some have remained rather mysterious.

On the other hand, some people have been very skeptical of the program, especially when it comes to heart problems.  According to a newspaper interview with his mother in 2007, The Big Show has an enlarged heart.  In spite of this, he has been a regular on WWE television for years.  Another long-tenured WWE wrestler has also been rumored for years to have told friends that he has an enlarged heart and has never taken time off for those issues.

Meanwhile, one has to wonder why Raw went down the way it did last night unless Nash's test results came back late in the show.  Hell, they had to have a feeling that this could happen (as they should have since it was openly speculated about), why did they go so strongly in this direction in the first place?

This is way too soon for them to run Triple H vs. CM Punk.  It should be a backup plan for WrestleMania if Steve Austin doesn't return to face Punk.  If by some chance they've locked in Austin, then it's still too soon.  They should hold off until November's Survivor Series at Madison Square Garden in New York City at the earliest.

Maybe we'll get a better idea of where exactly they are going tonight on Super SmackDown.