WWE: Why NOT Watch?

Dorothy WillisSenior Writer INovember 16, 2008

I wrote an article in June recounting how I really felt about the WWE "Oh, No! What Happened to Vince McMahon?" which received terrible reviews from the wrestling community on B/R.

Well, I have no love lost for the WWE and do not keep it a secret from my readers here.

As I expressed in the other article I had a friend who once hung out with many WWE celebrities who, now that she has died, do not, want to acknowledge her. She could reach out for them even after her death, though.

A strange fact that they may not be privvy to, because they were not her best friend, which I indeed was (ever since she was 10 and I 15 when I first decided to befriend her), is that she tape recorded all of her phone calls with them and loved to play them for me, although I am sure this was as illegal as was her drug sharing with them; it was a sad fact of her life.

Of course Jan was not selective, she taped many of our phone calls and her calls to friends who were judges, police officers and many Peoria lawyers as well.

That Jan, such a card!

But Jan, or JJ as I have referred to her before, left me with a lot of things, many pictures of her with the "stars" who don't seem to remember her now.

Too bad; I have proof.

But if it were not for Jan having to have evidence of all her conquests and insider information, I would not know all the interesting things she knew from "being inside the circle of trust."

Because of her alcohol and drug abuse, Jan was not one to be trusted; perhaps that is why she always had to have proof.

(Somewhere I have a picture of Pete Rose, one of my idols who she just had to besmirch to disallusion me, in a pair of red underwear from when he was with her in Peoria. She looked a lot like his first wife, so that must have appealed to him. To really rub it in she got me a signed baseball too).

Oh, Jan, how I miss our long talks!

But my gripe with the WWE is more with the tripe they call "story lines," the stupid stunts Vince McMahon comes up with and the affects these have on both gullible adult fans and particularly children.

I have always preferred reading books of substance rather than comic books. That is why I like MMA rather than the WWE.

WWE is even worse for the mind than comic books were accused of being back in my day, when there were no video games, of course. Now these games are being accused of rotting the minds and morals of our youth.

Too many deaths have occurred due to the influence of the WWE.

And I am not referring to the accident that took Owen Hart's life, or the drug abuse that killed Miss Elizabeth, nor the steroids that have caused the death of Chris Benoit and his family at his hands.

Many teenagers trying to imitate the choreographed moves they have seen on WWE have been injured themselves, or have killed or injured friends or siblings not knowing these moves are rehearsed for TV and not safe at the hands of impressionable children.

Leaping from trampolines, ladders, and hitting each other with chairs proves fatal for children who see these things on TV.

But on TV of course the supposedly indomitable fighters get up and walk away to return the next week unscathed.

Parents who watch the WWE with their children should think long and hard about this.

I do not approve of steroid use in any sport, but I think professional wrestling where even Hulk Hogan had to admit under investigation, to having used steroids, has been especially irresponsible in this aspect of their "sport."

I find calling professional wrestling a sport offensive because regardless of where they got their start, fighters having an NCAA title or Olympic medal does not make the WWE a sport—it is athletic entertainment.

Because the outcome is rehearsed and predetermined it should not qualify as a sport.

Right now I am very tired of being attacked by the Brock Lesner fans for my dislike for him.

Yes, my dislike stems from his having participated in professional wrestling.

Excuse me for not being impressed by him and that is not an apology.

My oldest grandson is almost 16 and unless he gets bored, may someday be a champion.

He began at the age of five and for the last three years has gone to State.

It is embarrassing to admit that I took his father and mother to see WWE events in the Illinois area because Jan got the tickets for free.

Thank God the bad influence did not affect my family.

When my sons competed in wrestling they knew that WWE was phony, although a lot of their friends who tried out for the sport did not.

My message to parents of young children who love sports is to involve them in martial arts. With a reputable instructor their children will learn discipline and respect and learn the difference between real sport and phony WWE entertainment.

I love sports, but the WWE is just a bad form of entertainment.