Marijuana Problems in WWE

Jack WindhamAnalyst INovember 15, 2008

It appears that WWE is starting to crack down on marijuana use within the company.

Official Policy

After several wrestlers passed away, the company began enforcing stricter policies on drug use by the wrestlers. Since the company has stockholders to answer to, it was considered a very smart move.

There's a certain list of drugs that the company will consider a violation of their wellness program. Marijuana isn't one of those drugs that are on the list. If wrestlers fail a drug test because of marijuana, they simply pay a $1,000 fine as opposed to being suspended.

For a lot of wrestlers, some of whom make six figure annual salaries, that's a small price to pay to be able to enjoy marijuana.

A couple of the wrestlers who smoked marijuana have been told to completely stop, or else they would face stricter punishments. It wouldn't be a complete shock if the company modified their wellness program to include marijuana soon.

Repeat Offenders

There are several wrestlers who have been caught smoking marijuana.

In fact, one wrestler has been caught approximately a dozen times by the company. The wrestler's push has been halted each time that they've been caught.

What If...?

There's two very high profile wrestlers that are no longer with WWE that are known to smoke marijuana. They're both former world heavyweight champions, too.

Rob Van Dam hasn't been shy about being a fan of marijuana. While he was with the original ECW, he constantly made references to it. He's very public about it.

There were reports that Booker T was also a proponent of the drug. The rumors were that he left WWE because he was upset with how the company handled his drug suspension (he was also upset about other things as well).

If the $1,000 fine had been around while these guys were still under contract, one can't help but wonder if they'd still be with WWE. Surely, they can both afford the minor fine.

Public Reaction

The reaction from wrestling fans to this bit of news will be quite interesting.

There's a good amount of wrestling fans who smoke marijuana themselves. It's these very fans who will be most outspoken about the situation. They'll intently defend the rights of the wrestlers to smoke marijuana.

In my personal opinion, if it doesn't affect their work, then it doesn't really affect me. If it does affect their work, then I place no blame on the company for being more strict about the issue.

Closing Thoughts

I sure would love to know which wrestler it was that failed the test a dozen times.


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