Arsene's Whingers: Get Errr...Grip!

David JacobsCorrespondent INovember 15, 2008

This article is kind of directed at a fellow writer. A die-hard gooner who, as all other gooners, likes nothing more than to constantly have a pop at Spurs. Not naming names, although it does seem tempting.

Whilst I concede that it is pathetic for Spurs to bring out a DVD of a drawn game, it is even more pathetic that some Arsenal fans like my friends are complaining about Arsene Wenger after a few "bad" games and thinking they will end up in the championship by the end of the season.

To be honest, the greatest save Almunia has made in a long time has been with his bank!

At least Spurs are optimistic. Sometimes overcomplacent, but nonetheless optimistic!

Arsenal beat Manchester United last week at home—deservedly, I might add. The kids were alright as they played a full-strength Wigan team right out of the stadium with a
3-0 scoreline.

With all due respect, a UEFA Champions League trophy looks very much on the cards for Wenger. Even after 12 years, Arsene Wenger has still "got it in him" to glam up Arsenal's trophy cabinet with more silverware. Remember, the Emirates Stadium trophy cabinet has still remained unused since Arsenal moved in (technically).

I just think that even if Arsenal have a short string of bad games, they shouldn't get on their high horse and blast the manager. They have to understand that teams like Aston Villa can and do improve and they won't just lie down and let big teams walk over them like turf.

Do I have to go into the theory that the big-four get so used to winning all the time, that one loss sends them into a tail spin and flurries of anger at the manager who, up until then, took the team under his wing and pushed them forward?

Just get a grip and stop whinging. The league isn't a knockout format like the F.A. Cup.
You can't always win everything in a season and sometimes, you won't win ANYTHING in a season. Just ask my beloved Spurs team!

So I ask the whinging Arsenal fans, get a sodding grip! It could be worse. You could be fans of Spurs!

If Wenger gets the sack after doing so much and more for them by means of trophies from top-flight competitions, they could actually end up out of the top four and the only cups they'll ever see will be the ones they drink out of.