40 Most Hilarious Bloopers in Baseball History

Brandon McClintock@@BMcClintock_BSNCorrespondent IAugust 24, 2011

40 Most Hilarious Bloopers in Baseball History

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    In striving to find the 40 most hilarious baseball bloopers, I ran across some very funny moments in all levels of the game.

    Typically, I wouldn't laugh at little leaguers learning to play our pastime, but the bloopers begin young and carry all the way through high school, college and the minor leagues before they play out in front of our eyes on the largest stage of all, the major leagues.

    As a matter of fact, the laughs are not limited to those playing the game.

    Foul balls and home runs manage to allow us, the spectators, to find our way onto the blooper reel.

    Even our four-legged friends manage to add to the fun—perhaps even some digital fun, thanks to a video game programmer with a sense of humor.

    Ultimately, though, I am sure that I failed at my task of finding the 40 most hilarious moments.

    I did, however, find 40 very funny clips and several compilations that bring the grand total of funny baseball moments represented here well past the original goal.

    Flip all the way through, as a lot of our favorite big leaguers are represented in the compilations towards the end.

Steve Lyons Forgets There Is a Crowd Watching, Drops His Pants

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    Let's start with a classic.

    I don't know how you have a momentary lapse in judgement like this, but we've all been caught with our pants down at one point or another, right (figuratively at least)?

    Okay, maybe not quite like this, or in this public of a setting...

Not the Most Graceful Way to Run out a Ground Ball

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    Not that he was exactly hustling down the line anyway, but this certainly is not how you beat out a throw to get an infield hit.

Little Leaguer Takes One for the Team

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    I have to admit, I feel bad for Nathan. 

    This kid earned his trip for pizza after the game, regardless of how he played before or after this particular pitch.

Well, That's One Way to Hit a Triple

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    Is it just me, or is this a play that you almost expect A-Rod to attempt at some point in his career?

    (Okay, for those needing an explanation, he yelled to interfere with an infielder and slapped at another player's glove on separate plays.)

    Back to the kid—although unintentional, give him credit for continuing to run until the play is dead.

    Heads up play right there.

Fan Home Run Catch Fail

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    Seriously, man, you were the only fan out there!

    You tried too hard, failed and then still managed to let the ball fall down behind the wall?

    Nice try, but epic fail.

Marlins Get Lucky and Turn Two

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    Bad play by Hanley Ramirez who is bailed out by a VERY lucky bounce. 

    Wish the video would have showed the Mets players' reactions to this play.

College Rain Delay Fun, Dance-off Style

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    And they say that all the wacky antics take place in minor league baseball.

    These guys know how to have fun during the rain delay.

    I'm impressed—they had some pretty good moves.

More College Rain Delay Dancing

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    Have I been missing out on good entertainment by not heading out to college baseball games when there is a chance of rain?

    Two more teams competing in a dance-off during the rain delay.

Even More College Rain Delay Antics

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    Okay, as far as college antics go, these guys win.

    With all due respect to the previous two college clips, they win on the strength of that sick spare the bowler picked up...

    That's right. Watch the video to see what I mean.

Randy Johnson Beans a Bird

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    Back, for a minute, to some of the more famous MLB moments.

    Talk about poor timing, that bird never stood a chance against Randy Johnson.

    Fairly amazing video to watch, actually.

Minor Leaguer Impersonates Randy Johnson's Bird-Ball

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    Not as impressive, dude. The seagull was a much bigger and slower moving target than the bird that Randy Johnson hit.

    This one has a happy ending, though: The bird lived and later flew away (supposedly).

    Kidding about the not-as-impressive part. I enjoy the confusion over the play continuing after the bird is hit.

The Greatest Pitch Ever Thrown

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    I don't really know how to describe this pitch.

    In fact, I don't even know if it was intentional or accidental.

    Either way, I wouldn't want to stand in the box against this guy knowing he has this pitch in his arsenal.

    Not that the speed intimidates me, but I wouldn't want to look like a fool if he got me to swing and miss.

    Let's call it the most impressive changeup ever.

Japanese Catcher Does Not Have a Good Night Behind the Plate

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    This wouldn't have happened if he was catching that last pitcher.

    Having been there myself, I can honestly say that this is not at all funny if you're the player that took this foul ball.

    We're not, though, so it's okay to laugh.

Korean Baseball League...Fighting?

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    Yeah, I'm at a loss for words regarding this video...

    I'm not really sure if they are fighting or competing in some funky chicken dance competition on the field to settle their dispute.

Superman Scores a Run

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    Willie Mays Hayes did this slide in Major League II.

    I wonder if that spurned the multiple attempts I found of this play.

    Well, this guy seems to have perfected the play. Make sure to checkout the landing and recovery.

    Brian Kownacki is superman!

Dad Drops Daughter to Catch a Foul Ball, Then Misses the Ball!

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    And the Father of the Year award goes to...this guy.

    This clip is from earlier this season.

    In his defense, foul ball opportunities do come around very rarely in one's lifetime (I guess).

    He deserved the hit his daughter gave him.

Daughter Throws Back Dad's Foul Ball

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    Throw it back! Throw it back! Throw it back!

    Except when it's not a home run ball.

    She was just doing what she probably has seen done before, though, and his reaction (as well as the woman to his right, our left) was priceless.

    This guy really does deserve Father of the Year though.

    All joking aside, it was a sweet hug he gives his daughter and a nice moment after so she wouldn't feel like she did something wrong.

Cubs Fan Home Run Throw Back Fail

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    Hey, buddy, it is not acceptable to spill your fellow fan's beer.

    Throwing back the opposition's home run is the right move, but you earned a fail on this throw, my friend.

    Does any Chicago reader know if he wound up buying a refill for that guy? Or the girl who got beer all over her?

    If you're going to knock someone's beer over, make sure it is a rival fan's.

    Just kidding...

Don't Talk on Your Phone During a Baseball Game

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    And this is why you don't talk on your phone during a baseball game.

    It's not because you could be disturbing the other fans around you.

    No, it is clearly because you risk taking a baseball to the face.

Toronto Blue Jays Police Foul Ball Fail

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    Let's bring our foul-ball fun to an end with this clip of a Toronto Blue Jays police officer failing to gracefully avoid the foul ball that approaches him.

    At least he laughs about it at the end of the clip.

Minor League Manager Has Meltdown (and Military Flashback?)

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    They certainly do like to put on a show in the minor leagues.

    I hope the Braves organization didn't fine this manager any salary for being ejected from this game. He earned his paycheck for the amazing display he put on following his ejection. Best theater I have seen at a baseball game in years.

    Did he have some kind of war-time flashback, though?

    I need to see this guy's military record to see where he served and what kind of action he saw.

Pig Gets Loose on the Field

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    And the fun is not limited to what we humans do at a game.

    Sometimes our four-legged friends get involved in the game and cause a bit of amusement for those in attendance and the rest of us who have the pleasure of viewing the videos after they go viral on Youtube.

Squirrel Takes over the Game

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    This squirrel does not want to be outdone by that pig in the last slide.

    You know, that squirrel actually does a decent impression of that minor league manager crawling around the infield.

    Took a lot of help to get him off the field, but they did finally accomplish it.

Cat Gets Loose During a Minor League Game

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    Any animal on a field video is instantly made better by playing Yackety Sax along with it.

    The players and grounds crew couldn't get this cat right away, so they had to call in a shark.

    Wait, what?

    Oh, nevermind, they got the cat off the field—watch it unfold, though.

More Animal Fun: A Rabbit Chase on the Field

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    Okay, so far we've had a pig, a squirrel and a cat on the field. What's left?

    How about a rabbit?

    Yeah, that's right, a rabbit managed to interrupt this game.

    You thought it was hard to catch the other animals? A rabbit is much faster.

A Squirrel Enjoys the View at Yankee Stadium

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    Yeah, another squirrel.

    At least this squirrel just wanted a better view of the game at Yankee Stadium. It didn't interfere with the play at all.

Dog Escapes onto Field and Relieves Itself During Minor League Game

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    Man's best friend didn't want to be left out.

    Unfortunately, this dog was just looking for a place to relieve itself when it escaped out onto the field and interrupted play.

The Seattle Kingdome Kitten

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    To bring our furry friend bloopers to a finish, here is perhaps the most famous feline blooper of them all.

    The Kingdome kitten has been featured on several MLB blooper videos and shows throughout the years.

    It's a classic. Definitely check out the video and give this one a view.

Brian Wilson's Dugout Tantrum and Assault on a Harmless Water Cooler

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    Everything Brian Wilson does appears to be premeditated to displaying his wacky personality.

    This, however, I doubt was premeditated.

    Wilson blows a save and then returns to the dugout to have a quick meltdown, taking out most of his anger on a poor defenseless water cooler.

    He did mention after the game that he "squared it up" pretty good before he swung.

Prince Fielder Has Minor Melt Down Following Strikeout

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    Prince Fielder needs to take a lesson from Brian Wilson on how to have a dugout tantrum.

    He starts out very calm, freaks out a second later and just as it looks like he might really make it a good show by grabbing the bat, he calms back down and gently places the bat back as if it were made of glass and not wood.

    How quickly he changes from calm to angry and back to calm is what makes this so funny.

Oakland A's and the Worst Play of 2011

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    This is definitely the worst defensive play in all the major leagues in 2011, if not ever.

    I believe the official play was ruled a single and then two bases on "defensive indifference."

    In reality, though, players don't fall asleep on a play like this, even in little league.

    There's really nothing you can do but laugh at it when you see, although shaking your head in disbelief will probably also occur naturally.

Okay, I'm Stretching, but Here's a Funny Baseball Video Game Blooper

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    Apparently it's funny, even in a video game, to see a baseball hit a man below the belt.

    I wouldn't have thought so, but this video is proof that I was wrong.

    (Yeah, I laughed at it when I saw it...Proved myself wrong there.)

Jose Canseco Assists a Home Run, with His Head

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    Finally, I got to another classic.

    I doubt there is a baseball fan alive who has not seen this blooper at least once.

    Canseco tracks a fly ball to the warning track but the ball glances off his glove. Unfortunately for Canseco, the ball wouldn't just fall to the ground for a boring error.

    This ball heads right off the tip of his glove and finds its way off the top of his head and over the fence for a home run.

    His own teammate laughs at him as he runs over.

    And the rest of us will laugh for as long as there is baseball being played and as long as there is YouTube to let this video live on in infamy forever.

Pretty Sure I Saw Chewbacca Amongst These Blooper Clips

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    Pretty funny compilation of errors, errors, more errors, fans doing ridiculous things and...Chewy?

Another Funny Blooper Compilation

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    You'll see a few repeats here, but you will also see some very funny errors and bloopers that I could not find video for elsewhere.

    Hope you enjoy (and I'm still shocked that Steve Lyons dropped his pants at first base).

Funny Baseball Blooper Pictures from 2010

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    I especially enjoy the Red Sox kid!

    I assume this was a Yankees-Red Sox series.

    Could have done without the country song in the background, though.

Closer Look at the Canseco HR Clip and More Compilation Bloopers

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    We start out here with a closer look at the Canseco blooper, but stay tuned and watch an additional few minutes of funny baseball misplays.

Even More Compilation Bloopers...so Many Errors, so Few Slides...

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    There are another few repeats in here, but a lot of bonus bloopers for your enjoyment.

The Ball Goes Up, the Ball Goes Down...Error Compilation

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    The music playing in the background might make this video funnier.

    So many errors crammed into a minute-long video.

More Funny Baseball Pictures...I Saw Chewbacca Again!

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    Why was I never previously aware that Chewbacca was a baseball fan?

    A few repeat pictures in here, but a good compilation of some unfortunate baseball pictures.


    I'm sure I missed some funny bloopers that deserved to be here. If you know of more, please leave a comment and include a link to the video if you have it.

    Hope you enjoyed a few laughs.