Jeff Hardy Returning to TNA Next Week on Impact Wrestling? Stupid!

Justin WatrySenior WriterAugust 23, 2011

"We need ya back Jeff BROTHER!!!"
"We need ya back Jeff BROTHER!!!"

Jeff Hardy returning to TNA? What year are we in again?

I am sorry, but this just has bad news written all over it. According to this post on, Jeff Hardy will be at the TNA taping this Thursday in Huntsville, Alabama.

The show will not be live, despite logic and common sense assuming it would be. No, it will be a taped show set to air next week.

With that cleared up, let me give you my two cents on this whole situation:

First, if this comes true, I have full rights to gloat about it, as I called it few weeks ago. Read the comment section for that article I wrote. Wow, what do those people have to say now?

Usually, this is where I would say how "right I am" and how I also called the ending to Summerslam last week frame by frame. However, I won't do that.

I just won't. This situation is just too sad to gloat about "calling it". I don't care to right now.

TNA is bringing back Jeff Hardy before October and their big Bound for Glory show.

Is it any coincidence that I am listening to "Send in the clowns?" right now in the background?

Again, we will see what plays out NEXT WEEK on Spike TV, but for now—all I can do is shake my head in disgust at yet another decision made by the bosses at DixieLand.

Bad move. Bad move. Bad move!

TNA Wrestling made their first good decision in months by firing Matt Hardy on Saturday. Sadly, that goodwill was thrown right down the tubes should Jeff Hardy return in the coming days.

Last I understood, TNA drew a line in the sand to the Hardy Boys - rehab or unemployment.

Well, unless Jeff magically entered a rehab facility in the past few months and is magically free of his demons, nothing has changed about Jeff and his vices.


Seems to me like TNA caved in and are throwing away morals and principles to boost ticket sales for their big taping, reportedly only selling 400 TICKETS!!!

I am sorry for the ranting and raving, but it is TNA, and it just make all my positive thoughts and happy feelings go away in a heartbeat.

Sorry, but when this blows up in TNA's face for the 100th time, I will be here saying "I told you so", just as I did above...

Prove me wrong TNA!

Prove me wrong Jeff!

Prove me wrong...