Week 11 NFL Predictions

Michael GlaessnerCorrespondent INovember 13, 2008

New York Jets at New England

Line: Patriots by 3

The fate of the Jets' season falls in the hands of none other than Mr. Favre. With a showdown in New England less than 30 minutes away, we're going to find out if he still has it in him or if Brett will choke up under pressure.

And the answer to that question is...Brett will gag.

If the game is close and he has to win it with his arm, Favre will get wild and make some crazy throw across the field for a back-breaking INT.

The Jets have to establish the running game, but that will be tough against a Pats' team that stops the run as well as anyone. The fact the Pats have the record they do is a tribute to the coaching job Belicheck has done.

They can win with Cassel throwing 10-yard passes and the Jets are so bad at CB, they're pulling Ty Law out of retirement, so their secondary, other than Revis and occasionally Kerry Rhodes, won't pose much of a threat. Patriots 21, Jets 17

Denver at Atlanta

Line: Falcons by 6

In case you haven't been watching, Atlanta's defense is pretty good. If they can stifle an awesome offense like the Saints, who they kept out of the end zone for the first three quarters, they can do the same to Denver provided they put pressure on Cutler the same way they got Brees.

I don't worry too much about their offense, because Denver has one of the worst defenses in football and if not for the Browns giving the game away last week, they'd be in a tie for first reeling off a four-game losing streak. Falcons 35, Broncos 24

Oakland at Miami

Line: Dolphins by 10.5

The Dolphins are still learning how to win and most of the offense they generate is based off of trick plays. We know Oakland's offense is anemic, but their passing defense has evidently improved when they cut DeAngelo Hall and forced 20 incompletions from Jake Delhomme. Dolphins 14, Raiders 7

Baltimore at New York Giants

Line: Giants by 7

After enduring physical games from the Steelers and Eagles, this Giants team has gotta be tired, which is why I can't understand Vegas giving them a TD against the Ravens.

The last time the Giants were favored by this much, they crapped the bed against the Browns. B-More has gotten better on offense every week and I think they can keep it close if Flacco limits his mistakes. Giants 15, Ravens 10

Houston at Indianapolis

Line: Colts by 8

Ahh, the sandwich game. The always dreaded game in which you come out flat and overlook an inferior opponent, give them confidence and allow them to stay in the game.

Indy just had a pair of physical games against Pittsburgh and New England, so they maybe a step off against the Texans, who have enough offense to at least keep things close up in Indy.

The Texans never played well in the RCA Dome, but Lucas Field hasn't been nearly as good a home field advantage for the Colts. Colts 33, Texans 27

Tennessee at Jacksonville

Line: Titans by 3

The Jags won the game they were supposed to win in Detroit, but they don't stand a chance against the Titans, even at home. Their run defense has been soft all year, and that just so happens to be the Titans' strength.

They'll be relieved they don't have to face the Bears this week and take full advantage of it with a physical ground attack, with White and Johnson creating a rainfall in north Florida as Thunder and Lightning. Titans 16, Jaguars 9

Chicago at Green Bay

Line: Packers by 3.5

Rex has the hex on Chicago's offense, but I still love Chicago's D. They should control the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. They handled Tennessee's running game, so they should do the same to Ryan Grant, and look for Matt Forte to have a big game against the Packers' 26th ranked run defense. Bears 21, Packers 10

Philadelphia at Cincinnati

Line: Eagles by 9

So it was McNabb who kept Ocho Cinco in Cincinnati...or Ocho Cinco wants to be Ocho Cinco somewhere else, possibly the team that Ocho Uno used to play for until his ego and his big mouth got him run out of Philly.

We'll see if Cinco pressure's management into getting him a #1 target to throw to, but for now, Uno Cero seems to be doing fine as the Iggles' big playmaker at wideout...when he's not celebrating prematurely. Eagles 28, Bengals 6

New Orleans at Kansas City

Line: Saints by 5.5

The Chiefs have been banging on the door for weeks to get that second win, and I think it finally happens.

Tyler Thigpen, who looks suspiciously similar to the starting QB in "Varsity Blues," continues to live the dream with another huge passing game against the Saints. Chiefs 41, Saints 39

Detroit at Carolina

Line: Panthers by 14

Sex Panther. It works 60% of the time every time.

I'm a lot more accurate at picking sleepers of course, and the Cardiac Cats are in first, they get a road game against a team that could go 0-16 and will just have to go 3-3 after this week to hit that 11-5 division-winning mark. Panthers 34, Lions 10

Minnesota at Tampa Bay

Line: Buccaneers by 3.5

The NFC South owns the NFC North. Tampa, as a 2nd place team, has already beaten Chicago and Green Bay and should have little trouble with the one-dimensional Vikings offense, one that depends on the run because of their inability to pass. Buccaneers 24, Vikings 17

St. Louis at San Francisco

Line: 49ers by 6

It was good to see the Niners play with some purpose on Monday Night, but even with the Cards committing 60 billion penalties and having a secondary I could throw on, they couldn't finish drives.

They shouldn't be favored by 6 against anybody, even the lowly Rams. 49ers 23, Rams 20

Arizona at Seattle

Line: Cardinals by 3

The Cards played their D game and still bested the Niners. Their pass D may not be the greatest, but it's not like Seattle's vaunted passing game poses much of a threat.

Vegas still isn't giving this team respect. How are they only laying 3 against the anemic Seahawks? Cardinals 31, Seahawks 10

San Diego at Pittsburgh

Line: Steelers by 5

Until I see a good road effort from the Chargers, I hesitate to pick them or even give them points in Heinz field against one of the top defenses in the biz.

LT's been slowed by a nasty turf toe and Chambers is still recovering from an injury himself. Never good to walk into the den of a lion wounded. Steelers 24, Chargers 14

Dallas at Washington

Line: Cowboys by 1.5

Before finally faltering against the Steelers, the Redskins looked a little fraudulent with close wins against the Lions and Browns and a loss to the Rams preceding it.

If Portis is banged up, the Redskins will have to beat Dallas through the air, and their passing attack lately hasn't been as strong as it was earlier in the year.

Dallas's offense will take time to gel and their OL still needs to play better, but getting Romo back should help open things up again for the 'Boys going down the stretch. Cowboys 28, Redskins 25

Cleveland at Buffalo

Line: Bills by 5

The Browns might as well throw in the towel. When your defense blows back-to-back home leads at home, that should tell you how bad it is.

Trent Edwards should have no problem finding his rhythm once again. On a brighter note, Brady Quinn did look good in his debut, but will have a tough time duplicating that effort against a team that'll take away the run and force him to throw. Bills 27, Browns 20

Week 10 vs spread 8-6

Week 10 Straight up 8-6

Season vs spread 81-61-2

Season Straight up 89-55