Divas < Women?

Johnny RaygeContributor IMarch 8, 2017

A disturbing trend in thinking within the WWE has been long coming and generally accepted among the masses. The idea that a "diva" such as Kelly Kelly or Candice Michelle is much more interesting on TV then an actual woman wrestler such as say oh O don't know...TRISH STRATUS? LITA? GAIL KIM?

Now while the first two women's departures cant really be contributed to WWE, I still credit Vince McMahon and his Genetic Jackhammer with ruining the women's division almost irreparably.

At a time when you had such women as, Gail Kim, Lita, Trish, Molly Holly, Jacqueline and such you would rather hold talent searches for boobs and blonde hair. Then you go and release the few women that know how to wrestle and host bikini contests each week on T.V. I'm all for eye candy but i like a good women's match as well.

Even now the few that do wrestle and have a general knowledge of how to do so are pitted against "The latest bimbo to have lost the diva search and still land a contract we don't care about" and expected to perform well. 

Back in it's heyday the WWE Women's division was a mixture of beauty *Sable, The Kat,* and wrestling Trish, Lita, Molly, and the fans knew which was supposed to be which and were generally OK with the distinction of each.

Even further back when a woman was pitted against a lesser skilled woman; the matched was booked to where it would still be mildly interesting to the masses, run in's, weapons, God forbid an actual storyline. A prime example of this is The Stephanie McMahon Vs Trish Stratus match from no way out in 2001.

Though Trish was the more pronounced wrestler at the time (though not by much) the match was considered a match of the year candidate and was one of the best matches on the card with very little actual wrestling and very little nudity. Seven years later, we have too many Divas to count and not enough woman wrestlers.

The news that Gail Kim has re-signed with WWE is a boost to morale for the woman's division I'm sure, and quite a few up and comers are actually gaining momentum, but honestly this isn't the attitude era anymore.

Vince my message to you is this: You can show bra and panties just fine from the ramp or in vignettes without getting these girls in the ring to wrestle. Save that TV time for the actual wrestling. Lest we forget the terrible Jackie Gayda incident.

In closing, this week The WWE released a few superstars due to cost cutting measures. Elijah Being one of them while Layla, and Kelly Kelly still have jobs. I don't even know where Maryse came from wasn't she like eating cherries in a hot tub a year ago?

Diva must be more important then Women. I'm not all that big on TNA but at least they have a women's division that is comparable to the men in some way.  Eh but what do i know. I'm just a FAN.

Just another Random Rant.