WWE '12 Roster: A Legends Wish List

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WWE '12 Roster: A Legends Wish List

Every year, THQ drops another edition of its long-running SmackDown! series.  Every year, I get my hopes up in favor of seeing more and more names from wrestling's storied past show up to say hello.  Every year, without fail, I get the same five legends, and every year, I cry myself to sleep until rumors for the next iteration's roster begin to swirl.

This year, it looks like I just might get my wish.

Not only did THQ change the title of this year's release to a much simpler WWE '12, but they also finally took it upon themselves to change up the legends roster.  Glory, be thy name!  Here is the current list of legends slated to be included in WWE '12, as noted in Giulio Romano's roster reveal last week:

The Rock
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Arn Anderson
Ricky Steamboat
Road Warriors
Kevin Nash
Booker T
Eddie Guerrero

Ok, so The Rock, Steve Austin, Eddie Guererro and Edge are really no surprise...but every last one of the other names gets me all tingly inside.

You know what else gets me all tingly inside?  The fact that there are still 14 spots on the roster, not counting future downloadable content, who have yet to be named.

I've been contemplating, just as I do every year, who I would want included in the final roster slots if I had my choice.  The only difference being that this year, I'm a Bleacher Report columnist.  That means I get to share my picks with you, the ever-so lucky reading audience!  Huzzah!

What follows is my dream list of 10 legends who should be included in WWE '12.  I'm going to forego listing 14 legends for two reasons: at least a few of the last minute announcements are bound to be current superstars and because a Top 10 list sounds much better than a Top 14 list.  Sue me.

Some of the following names will make it and some will not.  Whatever the case, it never hurts to dream.  While we're waiting on the release of the game, why don't you guys hit up the comments section and let me know who you want in the final release as well?

Here goes nothing.

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