Nebraska Cornhuskers Coach Bo Pelini Hands out Blackshirts

Bleacher ReportAnalyst INovember 11, 2008

They're back!!!  Maybe not entirely in substance, but at least as a symbol. Hopefully, this may serve as a motivator the rest of the year for the Nebraska defensive players. 

That they were taken away last year, should make them that much more valuable to this group of athletes.  Cherish them, guys!  Be proud and play like a Blackshirt!

Eleven Blackshirts were handed out today to: DE Pierre Allen, SS Larry Asante, LB Phillip Dillard, CB Eric Hagg,  CB Armando Murillo, DE Zach Potter, DT Ty Steinkuhler, DT Ndamukong Suh, CB Anthony West, DE Clayton Sievers and LB Tyler Wortman.

There is a very real and palpable responsibility that goes with being awarded a Blackshirt. As a player, you are carrying on the tradition of the hundreds of players before you that have donned the black practice jersey.

Rich Glover, Larry Jacobson, Broderick Thomas, Mike Brown, Grant Wistrom, Jason and Christian Peter, Mike Rucker, and Mike Minter are just a few of the hundreds of players that have worn the Blackshirts with pride.

Above and beyond all else though, a player that wears a Blackshirt is expected to play in a way befitting of the tradition and of the guys before him.  Some of the best Nebraska defenders of all time played as if their hair was on fire and they hit like a mack truck.

Opposing offenses feared the Blackshirts because they knew they were in for an all-day battle.  Over the years, the Blackshirts have won a lot of games and lost some, but even after defeat the opposing team's offense knew they had been in a physical, nasty dog fight.

I really have a positive feeling about this. That in having the Blackshirts taken away from them for a time, that this group of Nebraska defenders will continue to prosper under Pelini and play the style of defense that we were all so accustomed to for so many years.