Green Bay's PACKS Are Against the Wall

John TylerContributor INovember 11, 2008

After last Sunday's heartbreaking loss, the Green Bay Packers have put themselves in a tough situation for the remainder of the season. 


I am not going to get into the Minnesota game because it has been discussed enough.  However, I will say that this is a game I expected the Packers to win, and they did not show up and if there is a bright side they still almost won.


The Packers are now facing a series of must win Game*S*.  The first is this Sunday against the Chicago Bears.


If the Packers are unable to win this game then you might as well PACK it up because the season will be officially over. If they manage to win this game then we will have to repeat this performance in Chicago on week 16 in order to have a chance at winning the NFC North.


Two wins against the Bears is something i think is possible but not likely the way Chicago has been playing.


The next series of games, anything could happen. Weeks 12-15 Green Bay plays at New Orleans, Carolina, Houston, and at Jacksonville


I am willing to say, the Packers only have to win two of these four games to go 9-7.  However, 9-7 might not be good enough to win the NFC North. 


If the Packers need to go 10-6, then the Packers will be forced to win three out of these four, which would be a very difficult task for any team.


If they are able to run this gauntlet and beat Chicago again in Week 16, as I have already mentioned above.  The Packers will have a game at home against Detroit which could be the deciding game of the year. 


I still think the Packers have a chance, but I am not as confident as I was prior to the game against Minnesota last Sunday.  If Packers win this Sunday against he Bears it will at least give some hope to me and the rest of the Packers community for the remainder of the season.