MMA Knockout of the Day: Scott Smith Knocks out Pete Sell After a Big Hit

Sal DeRoseCorrespondent IAugust 11, 2011

The Scott Smith vs. Pete Sell knockout is one of the top comebacks in UFC history. The fight is also one of the better knockouts you will see in the sport of MMA.

Smith has had four bouts inside UFC, and this knockout is his lone win inside the octagon. You can say Smith is the "comeback kid" of the MMA world with this being one of a few comeback wins in his career.

It was a back-and-forth fight up until Sell landed this left hook to the body of Smith. Smith was visibly hurt and backed up holding his ribs in excruciating pain.

Sell then charges Smith who is showing no signs of putting up any more of a fight. Most people who watch this would probably think Smith is definitely a goner.

Well in the sport of MMA this is just one of the many moments that make you feel anything is possible.

Sell gets close and Smith just puts all the pain he is feeling aside and lands a vicious right hand that plasters Sell's face.

Like Joe Rogan says in the video "If you saw it in a movie, you would go 'This is bull----.'"

After the knockout blow is delivered Smith immediately collapses to the ground in pain from the body shot.

After this fight Smith went on to lose his next two UFC fights to Patrick Cote and Ed Herman. Smith is 6-7 since this fight in November of 2006 and is currently on a three-fight losing streak inside Strikeforce.

Sell would have four more fights inside the UFC and would go 1-3 in those bouts. Sell has gone 1-4 since the fight and had his first fight in two years this past June which he won by second-round submission.


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