WWE SummerSlam 2011: 10 Things You Need to Know About CM Punk vs. John Cena

Jon Fisher@@Jonfisher21Correspondent IIAugust 11, 2011

WWE SummerSlam 2011: 10 Things You Need to Know About CM Punk vs. John Cena

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    On August 14th, 2011, the WWE Universe has a chance to witness something that hasn't been done since WrestleMania 21 when John Cena defeated JBL for his first WWE championship. 

    We could possibly witness the changing of the guard. 

    Do any of you remember Cena's promo after WrestleMania 21?  I suggest you watch it.  That clip might remind you of somebody.  Listen to the fan reaction to Cena when he came out.  I haven't heard cheers like that for John since he was fired by Wade Barrett.

    Seven years later, the PG era came and went; it's the Reality era now.  John Cena was the headmaster during its run and now it's Punks time to shine.  A win for Punk would solidify himself as possibly the newest face of the company. 

    However, this isn't an article about me praising the ground Punk walks on, it is about 10 things that need to be taken into account for when predicting this match. 

    If I had to predict this match, I have to say the winner would be...

    That's not important.  Let's roll the slideshow.   

1. Punk Held the Title for Only 1 Month

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    First things first, Money in the Bank was only one month ago. We all saw CM Punk pin the former WWE champ after a GTS.  Since then, Punk has only competed in one match.  He successfully pinned Alberto Del Rio. 

    That makes his title reign two victories long.  Doesn't sound like much of a title reign, right? 

    Remember John Cena's title reign dating back to 2007?  It lasted one year, until Randy Orton put him in his place.  A year-long title reign is one of a few exceptional title reigns in recent history. 

    For Punk's title reign to be significant, it would benefit him more to take it to at least Survivor Series.  By that time, Del Rio will cash in his money in the bank briefcase and Punk's title reign will have meant something. 

    Keep that in mind when Punk vs. Cena takes place. 

2. Start of the Reality Era

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    Like I mentioned in the previous slide, CM Punk will usher in a new era of reality and wrestling.  A loss to Cena this Sunday could mean a change of plans.  New stars with a solid wrestling base are emerging like Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, Del Rio, Sheamus and Barrett. 

    According to all the dirt-sheets and rumor websites, Punk has more creative control and input on future prospects.  I can't see Punk losing at the second biggest pay-per-view of the year. 

    Judging by the image above, Punk is just beginning his tear on WWE ground. 

3. Changing of the Status Quo

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    I realize this is the last image we want to see, John Cena shirtless, but that seems to have been the status quo as of 2006, or even earlier than that. 

    Punk has been parading around Raw claiming the WWE has been putting on the same old song and dance for far too long.  Does anybody disagree with him? 

    If you want, join me on a typical Cena match at a pay-per-view.  It's about a 10-15 minute match containing great work from the heel and drawing heat from the crowd.  Just before you think Cena might lose, he kicks out and the crowd isn't all too stunned. 

    A few moves here, five-moves of doom there, a reversal of the opponent's finisher into the F-U; Cena is still the champion. 

    That is the regular nine to 11 time slot every week, according to Punk.  He talks a big game and if he really wants to make wrestling fun and entertaining again, he needs to win this Sunday. 

4. Del Rio Still Holds the Briefcase

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    This slide is short and to the point. 

    Alberto Del Rio accomplished part one of his destiny.  He has tried to cash it in two times, but each time the ref never rang the bell. 

    It is true that this fall, WWE will be touring around Mexico, which is where Del Rio became famous.  I know what you are thinking, since Mysterio is out due to injury, Del Rio needs to be the champ. Also, Punk defeated Alberto in a singles match on Raw this past Monday. 

    There could be a bit of jealousy there on the side of Del Rio.   

    The scenario could play out where Del Rio does cash in his briefcase and is successful. 

    But you already knew that. 

5. Triple H Has Heat with Punk

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    Watch the clip above and you can tell where I'm going with this. 

    CM Punk and Hunter have sparked a feud that relives the past feud of Austin vs. McMahon.  Trips is the new COO and Punk is the man who doesn't bow down to the man.  In the Attitude Era, McMahon was the chairman and Austin was the degenerate. 

    CM Punk wants to facilitate change and HHH has the tendency to go his way and his way only.  These two have had back and forth promos for two weeks now and that has to culminate to something. 

    Whether or not it be Hunter interfering in the match (since he is the new special guest referee), the stage is set for Punk to get in his face and HHH retaliate like normal.  He realizes there is a few matches left in him and now we have a Survivor Series main event. 

    See that?  It took all of a few seconds to predict. 

    Plain and simple, these two have heat with each other for reasons we all understand.  Interference at SummerSlam would not be a big surprise. 

6. Cena Is Still "Super Cena"

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    The Monday Night Raw after Money in the Bank, Vince McMahon ordered a tournament to become the next WWE champion.  Rey Mysterio and the Miz fought their way to the finals and the championship match took place the following week. 

    A week goes by, the first match is the tournament final and Mysterio wins the WWE championship after a great match.  Later in the show, we see HHH announce that the main event will be Rey Mysterio vs. John Cena for the WWE championship.

    Hunter awarded Cena his rematch, which he couldn't get because Punk left the company. 

    We all know the result; I won't remind you of that painful main event. 

    "So much for the changing of the guard!” yelled the IWC in rage.  Cena was again WWE champion and still rested on top of the WWE ladder.

    What the WWE universe needs to understand is that Cena is still top dog.  Punk has yet to pass him in that aspect.

7. Colt Cabana Worked a Smackdown Dark Match Last Tuesday

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    Somebody please tell me if I'm reading too much into this.  Normally, working a Smackdown dark match is like taking a mulligan in a golf game—it just makes the person feel good about himself. 

    In past years, there have been future superstars that worked a dark match on Smackdown and there have been Tough Enough contestants that needed a tryout match.  The end result of Cabana's WWE re-debut hasn't happened yet. 

    Colt Cabana is one heck of a talent that I know he could possibly main event someday in the WWE.  All he needs is a contract.  What better way to bring him in than to have him debut at the second biggest pay-per-view of the year, SummerSlam. 

    Isn't SummerSlam supposed to be, well, the second greatest show of the year? 

    At least it used to be. 

8. It Is SummerSlam After All

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    Let me take you back to SummerSlam 2007.  In my opinion, that was one of the better SummerSlams in recent years.  Umaga defeated Carlito and Mr. Kennedy for the Intercontinental championship in a great match. 

    Rey Mysterio defeated Chavo Guerrero in a great singles match.  Beth Phoenix dominated a divas battle royal.  Morrison defeated CM Punk for the ECW title, which was one of the better feuds in that year.  HHH returned to beat King Booker in one of the most memorable returns to date. 

    Of course, John Cena beat Randy Orton in a 20-minute thriller for the WWE championship. 

    That, to me, is a great SummerSlam.  I want to be entertained, but at the same time enjoy quality matches and exemplary wrestling ability.  Every SummerSlam needs a surprise or big moment.

    What will be this year's SummerSlam moment? 

9. Punk Kicked Johnny Ace on Raw Monday

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    I don't mean to be biased, but I laughed out loud at this part of the contract signing. 

    Punk is in a very interesting spot.  He has heat with HHH and now a vengeful Johnny "Funkman" Laurinaitis.  After a swift kick to the skull, I'm sure Laurinaitis won't forget that during the championship match. 

    Also, don't forget John Cena and Funkman got into it a few weeks back on Raw, which culminated from the punch at Money in the Bank. 

    We've already witnessed Johnny Ace interfere in a match at MITB when he wasn't even involved in the storyline one bit.  Now he is in the storyline and has heat with both wrestlers.  It could go either way, but I need to stress that Laurinaitis might play a big role in this match. 

CM Punk Needs to Win This Match

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    I might as well copy and paste Cena's final promo during their contract signing.  The video displays that promo and Cena is 100 percent correct.  Could CM Punk become the next Muhammad Hassan or Mr. Kennedy? 

    Buster Douglas, Yahoo Serious and Millie Vanilli were mentioned during Cena's promo. If CM Punk actually loses at SummerSlam, what would that do to his character? 

    CM Punk has only won two matches as WWE champion and one of them was his title victory at Money in the Bank.  Like I noted in previous slides, the reign would mean nothing more than a pity title win (cough, cough, Rey Mysterio on Raw). 

    Punk cannot afford to lose this match because it would kill every piece of momentum he gained during this storyline.  I don't want to be reading about Punk along with Marcus Cor Von, Marty Jannetty and Elijah Burke. 

    CM Punk is a bona fide superstar and will be for years to come with a win at SummerSlam.  If Punk loses, you tell me what the end result would be. 

    Please make use of the comment space below, and if you happened to enjoy this slideshow, hit me up with some props. 

    That's right.  I'm a Paul Heyman guy.   I need a new catch phrase guys.  Please put your ideas below!