Wyoming: Why, Oh Why?

Clayton MartinCorrespondent INovember 8, 2008

I walked into the student ticket office early last Thursday and picked up two tickets for the Wyoming game. To be honest, I was somewhat indifferent as to where I sat.
I sweet talked the lady though for a few minutes and ended up on the 40-yard line, and on row one. I now had a reason to be excited about the Wyoming game.

The week leading up to the game was certainly a unique one for any student currently enrolled at the University of Tennessee.

On Monday, Phillip Fulmer, who had been at the helm of the team for literally our whole existence as Vols fans, was kicked out the door. Everyone debated the fairness of the decision. The campus was a riot. I didn’t know where I stood to be honest.

Saturday morning I rose at 10 a.m. and tried to get excited. It was a little tough until I put myself through a re-watching of the Fulmer press conference. I again got a little emotional while recognizing that the man who embodied Tennessee football for me was about to be gone.

I managed to get the fire lit. I was pumped. I knew my team would go out and seek redemption; I knew they would carry the fight.

As the game kicked off, it quickly became apparent that the Vols were flatter than a new HD TV. A new HD TV which fans should've opted to stay home and watch a different game on.

At one point early in the first quarter, Fulmer gathered his offensive troops and tried to rally them. He tried to focus their attention. He definitely failed to.

I had a word in mind to describe the offense, but I’ll honor the women and children who may read this and use a euphemism instead, I’ll go with abysmal. The offense, to no ones surprise, was abysmal.

Consequently, the defense was only better because the offense set the bar so low.

Wyoming is a team that came into the game ranked 112th in total offense. The defense just allowed Wyoming to convert too many key first downs, too many “big” plays.

The Wyoming game is one that you don’t have an excuse for, no many how many pages you flip through in the excuse book. Wyoming is a team that beat North Dakota State by three points. Wyoming is a team that squeaked by Ohio by one point. Wyoming is now a team that beat Tennessee by six points.

Would you like to comment Kevin Garnett?

“Anything is possibleee!”

Great, thanks.

I have examined the box score. I have looked through the play by play. I simply wanted to pinpoint how to explain the loss. And quite frankly, I’m speechless.

I don’t know how you lose to a Wyoming team that was 3-6 in the Mountain West Conference.

Do you point to the high emotions that lingered in the stadium from Monday’s press conference? I guess. But that is quite the cop out. If as a player you’re so concerned with your coach getting fired unjustly, you don’t prove your point by losing to Wyoming at home.

It’s a sad day to be a Tennessee Volunteer. I don’t want to be embarrassed of my team that I’ve worked so hard to defend all season. But I have nothing in my repertoire for this.

Why Wyoming, why? I blame you Kevin Garnett.

What a waste of an amazing ticket.