Jason Babin to Philadelphia Eagles: Can Derrick Morgan Step It Up?

Chase SummersCorrespondent IJuly 28, 2011

NASHVILLE, TN - SEPTEMBER 02:  Tory Humphrey #84 of the New Orleans Saints ties up Derrick Morgan #90 of the Tennessee Titans during the first half of an exhibition game at LP Field on September 2, 2010 in Nashville, Tennessee.  (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)
Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Last year Derrick Morgan was picked by the Tennessee Titans with the 16th overall pick in the draft. He got off to a hot start with 1.5 sacks in four games before he tore his ACL.

Despite this setback Morgan has got Titans fans excited at what he can do with a full season. He is a great run stopper and pass rusher and has all the tools to be a star.

The Titans are going to need Morgan to step up this year big time after the Titans lost their No. 1 pass rusher, Jason Babin, to the Philadelphia Eagles

The main reason the Titans let Babin walk was a desire to get bigger on the defensive line. Babin was 6-3, 260  pounds and the Titans seem to be leaning towards defensive ends in the 280 through 290 pound range. 

Morgan fits that mold he is 278 pounds and doesn't just rely on speed rushes, swim and spin moves to get to the quarterback. He can also bull rush and hold gaps in the run game at a much higher level than Babin can. 

Even though Derrick Morgan fits the mold the Titans staff are looking for, but can he replace Babin?

Babin had 12.5 sacks and was constantly in the backfield. Although some may think Babin will be a one year wonder he did have great production and it the Titans struggled to find production like that anywhere else on the defense.

Morgan doesn't have to match that production, but he will have to come close if the Titans are going to avoid becoming a worse defense then last year.

As I mentioned earlier Morgan has all the tools to be successful, but a lot of players do. It remains to be seen whether Morgan has the smarts and instincts to be a great player.

The pressure is on him and if he succeeds the Titans can start to head in the right direction. If he fails than Tennessee may continue their slide into failure.

Let's hope the first scenario happens or it will be a long season for the Titans.