WWE: How They Can Rejuvenate House Shows for the Best

Jacob ForresterCorrespondent IJuly 26, 2011

Hey there Bleacherholics! This is my first article for Bleacher Report, and I wanted to avoid the obvious topic of CM Punk, so I decided to go with another thing that I feel needs to be brought up. House Shows.

House shows are boring. This is a sad fact. The WWE uses this precious commodity to tread ground in storylines and have predictable title matches. Nothing happens at a house show that one can deem exciting, unless there is a title exchange before a PPV so they can have a title match at said PPV.

At least when there was a Hardcore title, you could see title exchanges when you went to your local house show. But what can they do to fix it? WWE won’t bring back the Hardcore title, and I doubt they would create its PG version, so how can they be made interesting

How about ignoring all of the storylines and just having interesting matches? Just like on Superstars, give your wrestlers 10 to 20 minutes and have a good match with a different opponent then the one they are feuding with.

You can let them have the same opponent for a weekend set of house shows, but make the matches different each time.

An example would be having Randy Orton face Justin Gabriel for three house shows in a weekend. In the first, let them go 20 minutes with an upset roll up win by Gabriel. In the second, Orton could dominate and win in 6 minutes.

Then, in the third, Gabriel could go for the splash and get RKO’d for a fantastic finish after 15 minutes. Wouldn't that be more exciting to watch than another Orton vs. Christian title match.

This change could even make them relevant again, as you can bring house show results into reality to create storylines.

Say we have Dolph Ziggler make John Cena pass out from his sleeper, as Cena’s power-up fails him. He can brag about it, and it could lead to a PPV submission match with the face of the WWE, and Ziggler wins from Cena knocking himself out by accident and Ziggler take advantage.

It could elevate Ziggler into the main event. It could even be a proving ground for young mid-carders, showing they can go with elite talents. If Zack Ryder could show he could work with The Miz, then we may finally see Ryder get the push that many believe he is due.

Heck, if they wanted to, they could film these house shows at times and sell the best of them on a 3 disc DVD at the end of every year. Fans would want to see matches that they have not seen before, like a Kofi Kingston vs. Evan Bourne bout, or Tyson Kidd vs. Alex Riley, or even Sheamus vs. Jinder Mahal. Interested? I would be.

Come on, WWE. You can fix house shows. Make them about interesting match-ups, and not continuing a feud that people could just see on TV. Do this, please.

Good. Bad.  I’m the guy with the voice.