WWE: The Summer of CM Punk Is Poised to Deliver More Compelling Television

Tom KinslowFeatured ColumnistJuly 26, 2011

Just when it looked like fans of the WWE were going to be subjected to the same old tired storylines, CM Punk saved us once again.

As John Cena celebrated with his fraudulent WWE Championship, Punk came back to Living Colour's "Cult of Personality", a nod to his Ring of Honor run, igniting the internet once more. The two champions stood each other down, and after Raw went off of the air, the Chicago-made superstar announced his return.

Some may say his reemergence is too soon, but with SummerSlam less than three weeks away, Punk needs to be there in some fashion. Getting him back on WWE programming is the only way to generate the type of buzz that swirled around Money in the Bank and keep the momentum of this storyline rolling.

Now, as we sit at a crossroads, there are infinite possibilities for the creative team, giving us plenty of options for the future of the WWE Championship. The obvious choice is a unification bout at SummerSlam, but there has to be higher stakes than just the belt.

Right now, Punk technically doesn't have a contract in this storyline, and it has to be worked into the stipulations for this championship match. Without them, the exiled champion has everything to lose and nothing to gain. 

If he wins, Punk has to not only get a huge new contract, but control over the future of the company or some other flashy perk to make a match worth his while. There has to be high stakes for everyone involved after what happened at Money in the Bank; otherwise, it's just another match.

With all of the energy around the WWE and CM Punk, we are in store for some more brilliant promo work, along with plenty more twists and turns. The one thing we can count on in this new era of programming is a drama-packed finish to Raw, and the creative team has delivered on a consistent basis.

Triple H has taken over and put his stamp on Raw, bringing Jim Ross back to his rightful place on commentary, announcing the return of John Morrison and crowning a new WWE champion in his first night on the job.

Now that Punk is back, attacking the establishment of the sports entertainment giant, it's time for the former WWE champion craft a SummerSlam main event that will reward fans for becoming so invested in this angle.

Right now, the stakes have never been higher, and when Cena and Punk step into the ring in Los Angeles, everything, including the future of the company, has to be on the line.

The creative team has given us so much over the past month—now it's time for them to go for broke and drive this angle into the stratosphere.