Paul Posluszny Should Be Targeted by the New York Giants in Free Agency

Mike OsterbergCorrespondent IJuly 25, 2011

The Giants should look to add Paul Posluszny to their already stout defense
The Giants should look to add Paul Posluszny to their already stout defenseRick Stewart/Getty Images

Paul Posluszny, the star middle linebacker of the Buffalo Bills, has indicated to the Associated Press that he is interested in testing the waters of free agency.

He sounds timid about leaving Buffalo, but he wants to test the market nonetheless. If he doesn't want to go far, the New York Giants should be in a prime position to make a lucrative offer to this young talented defender. 

The Giants' linebacking corps leaves much to be desired, and the former Penn State All-American recently confirmed the Giants as a real possibility.

Poz, as he's known, has everything going for him. First and foremost, he's a phenomenal tackler. Ever since his days in the Big 10, he's been among the best at wrapping up ball carriers and bringing them to the ground.

He doesn't accumulate many sacks—he only has 3.0 in his four-year career—but his lateral quickness and ability to quickly diagnose plays allows him to go sideline to sideline with ease. 

Besides his obvious physical gifts, Poz is a leader in the truest sense of the word. He's been a captain in Buffalo since 2009, his third year in the league, and is respected by his teammates for his strong work ethic and attention to detail.

He was an academic All-American in college and he brings those brains to the field every Sunday. 

There are injury concerns to think about, but they are minor. He's broken his arm twice since being drafted in the second round in 2007, but he's shown himself to be a quick healer. He also tore his MCL in the 2005 Orange Bowl, but that injury is relatively old news as he is just as quick and tenacious as he ever was. 

Poz is one of the most consistent players in the league today and he's only getting better.

In 2008, he played 16 games and racked up 110 tackles, 87 of the solo variety. In 2009, he put up the exact same tackle numbers in only 12 games after missing time with the aforementioned arm injury. In 2010, he played 14 games and had an astounding 151 tackles, 103 of the solo variety.

He's been getting better and better every year and in the next couple of years, I expect him to give Patrick Willis a run for his money as the best tackler in the game. 

Overall, despite missing the playoffs last season, the Giants have few major weaknesses. That being said, their linebackers could use an upgrade and Poz would be a perfect fit.

Michael Boley, Jonathon Goff and Keith Bulluck are all respectable players, but plugging in Posluszny would make them infinitely better as a unit. 

Look for the Giants to make a major move to acquire one of the surest tacklers and best leaders in the NFL

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