NFL First Half MVP's

Noel PurcellCorrespondent INovember 4, 2008

Seeing as this is my first story for Bleacher Report, I figured i'd let you get to know me. However, I then realized nobody cares and they would rather I would just start talking about sports already. (If you do want to know more about me, read my bio on my page or leave me an email,

I have a few pet-peeves, one being that it is near impossible to come up with a "Best of All-time" or "Top Ten" list without getting the argument of the value of each position.

Comparing a Pitcher's value to a Third Baseman's will always get you an argument like this—"Great Pitching beats Great Hitting", "Yeah, but not without the offense and defense to back it up." So, at each position (QB, RB, WR and two defensive slots) I give you, The First Half MVP's!


QBKurt Warner, Cardinals

No, you are not in 2000. Kurt Warner, however, is playing like he is. He's been a stud since winning the job after the Preseason. He has great weapons in Anquan Boldin, Larry Fitzgerald, and the Running Back Duo of Edgerin James and Tim Hightower.

Some could argue Drew Brees or Phillip Rivers, but with 2431 passing yards, 16 TD's and a QB Rating of 104.2, my vote goes to Warner.


RBClinton Portis, Redskins

Clinton has been known by many names and alter-egos (usually appearing in post game press conferences), he has been Dolomite Jenkins, Bootsy Collins and even Sheriff Gonna Getcha.

This season, he's known only as Beast. Since week two, he's had either 120 yards from scrimmage or 85 and a touchdown in each game. He is the biggest component of the Redskins' offensive attack and one of the main reasons they are 6-3 and in 2nd Place.


WRGreg Jennings, Packers

Few receivers are as dynamic as Jennings. He has great speed and hands with a great passion for the game. One of the biggest factors in the success of the Aaron Rodgers take-over, he has 764 yards and four touchdowns.

Alongside stalwart Donald Driver, he has been groomed for stardom. After last seasons breakout and the success of this season, look for Jennings to become a top NFL receiver (assuming he isn't already).


CBDarrelle Revis, Jets

Revis, in only his second season in the league, has been a stud. When the Jets went into the season with a secondary considered to be too "inexperienced and lacking in size," Revis went on a mission.

Quickly transforming from potential into results, he has matched up with the likes of Randy Moss and Lee Evans and came out of it with four interceptions, 28 tackles, and a forced fumble to boot. The first round pick the Jets used on him was well spent.


DL—Albert Haynesworth, Titans

Albert Haynesworth, on the other hand, is a seasoned veteran and Pro-Bowler. He has been the anchor to the Titans' defense, which has been the best in the NFL this year, and has helped lead his team to a perfect 8-0 record.

Having already equaled his sack total from last season, Haynesworth is looking to keep building on that, with 29 total tackles this year. Haynesworth was quoted as saying "Hopefully we can carry this on through the season," when asked about the defenses performance. He is a force upfront and a leader on his team.

Honorable Mentions

Phillip Rivers, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Chris Johnson, Ronnie Brown, Lendale White, Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Roddy White, Cortland Finnegan, Joey Porter and James Harrison.