Boxing KO of the Day: Diego Corrales Knocks Out Jose Luis Castillo

Deion McNairCorrespondent IJuly 21, 2011

On May 7, 2005, Diego Corrales and Jose Luis Castillo battled for the WBC lightweight title, and what a battle it was.

The two fighters skipped the feel-you-out phase, and got straight to the heavy punching. The first round was a hard-hitting preview of what the rest of the fight would be like.

By the time the middle rounds arrived, the eyes of both men were swollen. Castillo suffered a cut over his right eye, and Castillo could barely see out of his left eye.

As they got deeper into the fight they were both landing hard punches on each other but Castillo was clearly landing more punches.

As the fight moved into the late rounds, both fighters were still exchanging devastating punches, and the tenth round proved decisive. It was a round that will forever be remembered in boxing history.

Corrales ducked into a Castillo left hook early in the round, which floored him. He barely stood up during the referee’s ten-count. Just seconds after they resumed fighting, he knocked Corrales down again with an uppercut combination to the head.

While down, Corrales spit out his mouthpiece for the second time in the fight and was docked an extra point by the referee. Again, he almost failed to stand up in time for the ten-count. The referee considered stopping the fight but decided to let it continue.

Needing a miracle, Corrales was not going to lose the fight without a valiant try. He swung haymaker after haymaker and stunned Castillo. Castillo was able to dance around for a short time, but was soon trapped against the ropes where Corrales took advantage.

Corrales landed blow after blow and Castillo was out on his feet. The referee quickly jumped in to stop the fight.

The bout won the 2005 Ring Magazine fight of the year. In 2007, Corrales died in a motorcycle crash in Las Vegas.