WWE Money in the Bank 2011 Results: What Now for Daniel Bryan?

Ben Gartland@@AngryKCFanAnalyst IIJuly 19, 2011

The Money in the Bank pay-per-view was truly the IWC's night.

Wins from IWC darlings CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio and Christian have led to the first time in history that there has barely been a negative article after a PPV.

Yet, in the first match of the night, an unpredictable event occurred. The IWC beloved Daniel Bryan knocked Wade Barrett off the ladder, and claimed the SmackDown briefcase.

It almost guarantees Bryan a world title, something the members of the IWC have been clamoring for since his arrival.

Now the question is: What will happen to get the "American Dragon" his title? 


Daniel Bryan Wins Money in the Bank: What Happens Now?

There are numerous possibilities for how Daniel Bryan can win the World Heavyweight Championship. Here are some scenarios of how it can go down.


Scenario 1: "The Jack Swagger"

One of the many possibilities for Daniel Bryan is to cash it in like Jack Swagger did, five nights after he won it.

Let's pretend this scenario plays out. Randy Orton is still fuming after losing the world title to Christian. He jacks him up and leaves him vulnerable in the ring.

All of a sudden, we hear "Ride of the Valkyries" as Daniel Bryan comes sprinting down the ramp and cashes in the contract.

He quickly locks in the Lebell Lock, forcing Christian to tap out. Bryan celebrates and starts a new feud with Orton and Christian. 


Scenario 2: "The Rob Van Dam"

Rob Van Dam is still the only Money in the Bank winner to not completely capitalize on an injured opponent.

Instead, he called out John Cena for a match at One Night Stand in a packed arena full of ECW fans.

I can see Daniel Bryan doing the same thing, even if the situation is not the same.

He calls out the current champion, whether it be Christian, Orton or Sheamus and requests a match at the upcoming PPV.

It fits his persona and gimmick to do this. He plays a really good and humble guy. It would not surprise me to see him pull off something like this. 


Scenario 3: "The Mr. Kennedy...Kennedy"

Every IWC member just had a stroke of fear flash through them as they realized that this is a very real possibility.

Mr. Kennedy to this day is the only Money in the Bank winner not to win a world title. That's because he lost the contract in a match against Edge.

Daniel Bryan is the kind of guy that does not turn down a fight. If someone challenges him for the briefcase, he will probably accept.

Now, if he does put it on the line it does not mean he will lose. Edge didn't lose when he put his briefcase on the line against Matt Hardy. But the way WWE creative is sometimes, we might see Daniel Bryan lose the contract to someone challenging him. 


Scenario 4: "The CM Punk II"

In the second scenario, I said that the gimmick given to Daniel Bryan is that he is a good and humble guy who isn't very much of an opportunist.

But if this scenario happens, the "good guy" gimmick will be gone and he will turn heel.

This can happen any time a fan favorite is champion. Say Orton has the title and he just finishes participating in a grueling match—this would be the opportune time for Daniel Bryan to cash in.

In the process he would turn heel, giving some new dimensions to his character. He played a pretty good heel in Ring of Honor, and I would like to see him duplicate that success in WWE as a world champion. 


Scenario 5: "The Holds On Too Long"

Unlike the first four scenarios, this one has never been played out before.

It would involve Daniel Bryan just waiting for the perfect moment to strike, but that moment never comes.

This would go on for the entire year, as Daniel Bryan becomes more and more frustrated at his inability to cash it in.

Finally, in the last week the contract is applicable, he calls out the current World Heavyweight Champion for a match, just out of lack of time.

The result of the match can either be a win, or the next scenario. 


Scenario 6: "The Loss"

The past few Money in the Bank winners have been under the speculation of whether they would be the first Money in the Bank winner to lose their title match.

WWE likes to be unpredictable, and its likes to do things it hasn't done before. So it might make sense for Daniel Bryan to lose his title match.

He can cash in on an injured and tired Orton when, all of a sudden, Orton hits an RKO and wins the match.

No one really wants Daniel Bryan to be the first to lose his title match. The IWC would have a huge flurry of hate articles if that were to happen, similar to when Orton beat Christian.

In my opinion, Daniel Bryan deserves to win his world title, but the WWE creative team might feel differently. 


Scenario 7: "The Draft"

Say Daniel Bryan holds on to his briefcase until the WWE draft next May.

He then could proceed to get drafted and a number of possibilities could take place:

1. The contract could be changed to the WWE Championship.

2. The briefcase could be taken away and given to a SmackDown superstar.

3. Daniel Bryan could appear on both shows anyway, nullifying the draft.

Whichever sub-scenario happens from this scenario would make for some interesting television.


So What Will Happen?

Out of the possibilities I laid out here, I believe that scenarios two, four and five are the most likely, though none are out of the picture entirely.

That's what is so great about Money in the Bank. I laid out seven plausible scenarios, and any one of them could happen! The possibilities are endless and unpredictable.

I see some great, quality storytelling in the next year as Daniel Bryan closes in on his dream.

Pick the scenario you think is most likely in the poll, then explain why in the comments section. If you have your own possibility you think will happen, also explain it in a comment. I will respond to each one and discuss it with you.

Thank you for reading. Don't forget to be Awesome.


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