NASCAR Family Royality: The Earnhardts and the 12 Greatest Racing Families

Clifford DavidsonContributor IJuly 15, 2011

NASCAR Family Royality: The Earnhardts and the 12 Greatest Racing Families

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    These names represent the past, present and the future of the sport of NASCAR. For generations, the success of NASCAR can often be traced to legendary families of the sport, who even today continue to crave and redefine there place in history of this sport.

    In this slide, we we take look at the 12 most successful driver families that NASCAR has ever seen.

Honorable Mention: The Greens

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    Members: Jeff, Mark and David

    Career Totals: 25 Nationwide wins and two Nationwide Series Championships


    While all three failed to make a significant impact in the Sprint Cup Series and Mark would never win a race in any of the three major series, brother Jeff and David would both have great career in the Nationwide wins.

    David would win nine races and the 1994 championship while Jeff would win 16 races and dominate the 2000 season winning the season title by over 600 points.

12. The Parsons

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    Members: Benny and Phil

    Career totals: 22 Sprint Cup wins, one Sprint Cup Series Championship, one Daytona 500, two Nationwide wins


    Although Phil would only win one Sprint Cup race and two Nationwide races, the late great Benny would rack up 21 Sprint Cup races, win the 1973 season championship and win the Daytona 500 in 1976, which followed the greatest driver to television announcer career perhaps of all time. 

11. The Bodines

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    Members: Brett, Todd, Geoffrey

    Career Totals: 19 career Sprint Cup wins, one Daytona 500, 26 Nationwide Series wins, 21 Camping World Truck wins, two Camping World Truck Series Championships.


    The Bodines have wins in all three series, with the oldest Geoffrey have the biggest impact in the Sprint Cup Series, racking up 18 wins and the 1986 Daytona 500.

    Brett would win one controversial Sprint Cup race and add five nationwide wins, and while Todd would never have sprint cup success, he has 21 nationwide wins, 21 Camping World Truck wins and series championships in 2006 and 2010 

10. The Burtons

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    Members: Ward and Jeff

    Career Totals: 26 Sprint Cup wins, one Daytona 500, 31 Nationwide wins 


    Its hard to believe the neither has won a championship, but the boys from South Bouston has but up some impressive numbers.

    While younger brother Jeff has racked up more victories, older brother Ward has the 2002 Daytona 500 under is belt.

9. The Wallaces

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    Members: Rusty, Kenny, Mike, Chrissy and Steven

    Career Totals: 55 Sprint Cup wins, one Sprint Cup Series Championship, 13 Nationwide Series wins, four Camping World Trucks wins.


    Rusty is the only driver to win a Sprint Cup race, winning 55 and winning the 1988 championship in route to a sure-fire Hall of Fame career.

    While Kenny and Mike has had success in the Nationwide and Camping World Truck divisions. Rusty's son Steven is also now a regular on the Nationwide series.  

8. The Buschs

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    Members: Kurt and Kyle

    Totals- 45 Sprint Cup wins, one Sprint Cup Series Championship, 50 Nationwide wins, one Nationwide Series Championship, 29 Camping World truck wins


    The Busch brothers are still in there prime and many more wins and championship lay ahead for the two, but what they have accomplish so far has been truly outstanding.

    Kurt was 22 sprint cup wins winning the first ever championship in Sprint Cup under the Chase Format. Younger brother Kyle has racked up 99 wins over the three major series, winning the Nationwide title in 2009. 

7. The Bakers

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    Members: Buck and Buddy

    Career Totals: 46 Sprint Cup wins two Sprint Cup Series Championships, one Daytona 500


    The father and son tandem are pioneers and will both one day make the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Buck would win titles in 1956 and 1957, the first driver to win back to back championships.

    His son Buddy would be the first driver to run 200 mph on a closed circuit, and won the fastest Daytona 500 ever won in 1980. 

6. The Labontes

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    Members: Terry, Bobby and Justin

    Career Totals: 43 Sprint Cup wins, three Sprint Cup Series Championships, 22 Nationwide Series, one Nationwide Series Championship, two Camping World Trucks wins


    Meet the only brothers that both have won Sprint Cup titles. The Iceman Terry won the title 1994 and stop the rainbow warriors in 1996, the longest gap between championships.

    Bobby Labonte won the 2000 cup title and was part of the a good rookie class in 1993. He also won the 1991 Nationwide title.

    Although Terry's son Justin would not match the success of his father and uncle, he does own a Nationwide win.

5. The Waltrips

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    Members: Darrell and Michael

    Career Totals: 88 Sprint Cup wins, tree Sprint Cup Series Championships, three Daytona 500's, 24 Nationwide wins, one Camping World Truck Series


    Darrell Waltrip is one of the the most recognizable figures in the sports history. He's tied for third on NASCAR's all-time win list, posted three Sprint Cup championships, and added the 1989 Daytona 500. He's NASCAR on Fox color commentator and NASCAR Hall of Farmer. 

    His brother Michael has two Daytona 500's to his name and owns Michael Waltrip Racing, which was won a Sprint Cup race in each of the last two years.

4. The Allisons

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    Members: Bobby, Donnie, Davey 

    Career Totals: 113 Sprint Cup wins, one Sprint Cup Series Championship, four Daytona 500s 


    The Allisons were part of the famed Alabama Gang, and their number rank up with the best. Bobby inducted was into NASCAR's second Hall of Fame class and amassed 84 official (85 or 86 depends who talk to), three Daytona 500 wins and the 1983 series championship.

    His brother Donnie would only race three full time seasons but posted 10 Sprint Cup wins during his career.

    Bobby's son Davey was once consider the next great star of the sport, posting 19 Sprint Cup wins and the 1992 Daytona 500 before his life was cut tragically short.

3. The Earnhardts

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    Members: Dale and Dale Jr.

    Career Totals: 94 Sprint Cup wins, seven Sprint Cup Series Championships, two Daytona 500's, 43 Nationwide wins, two Nationwide Series Championships.


    Maybe the most beloved family in NASCAR history, the Earnhardt's have complied history numbers. Dale Sr, aka "The Intimidator", was inducting in the first class of NASCAR's hall of fame, he racked up 76 wins and tied "The King" Richard Petty with seven championships—most all time.

    His 1998 Daytona 500 win was called "the most anticipated moment in racing" by Mike joy, who was doing play by play for the race that year for CBS.

    His son Dale Jr. continues that legacy today, winning 18 times in the Sprint Cup including the 2004 Daytona 500 and has two Nationwide series championships and is the most popular driver in the sport.

2. The Jarretts

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    Members: Ned and Dale

    Career Totals: 82 Sprint Cup wins, three Sprint Cup Series Championships, three Daytona 500's, 11 Nationwide wins


    "Gentleman" Ned Jarrett was inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame second class in 2011, posted 50 Sprint Cup wins and championships in 1961 and 1965, in fact he's the only driver in NASCAR history to retire as champion.

    He never would win a Daytona 500, but his son would win three of them, and the 1999 season championship along with 32 Sprint Cup wins. He also would add 11 Nationwide wins.

1. The Pettys

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    Members: Lee, Richard and Kyle

    Career Totals: 262 Sprint Cup wins, 10 Sprint Cup Series Championships, eight Daytona 500's


    Really was there any doubt?

    The number are insane and mind-blogging. Lee Petty won three championships and the inaugural Daytona 500 in 1959 and was vote into second class of NASCAR's Hall of Fame.

    His son....well you should know him pretty well.

    200 wins. Seven Daytona 500's. Seven Sprint Cup Championships. All records.

    His son Kyle Petty would rack up eight wins as well and is one of the most beloved figures in history for his charity work  with in this sport.

    When is comes to families in NASCAR, the Petty's reign supreme.

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