XWA Wrestling Recap: Roll The Dice 07.09.2011

Peter Hopey@phopeyCorrespondent IJuly 14, 2011

Welcome to this month’s installment of XWA wrestling action entitled “Roll The Dice," one of the premier summer events put on by the Saint John based promotion. Time to get ready for an evening of hard hitting, ear splitting, knee popping, all out, one 100 miles an hour, adrenaline pumping wrestling action at the historic Lord Beaverbrook Arena here in southern New Brunswick.

There are a variety of matches set to take place this evening. Amongst them, Barstool Bailey is set to challenge Wesley Pipes for his XWA Elite Championship title, while the XWA Tag Team belts will be defended as Gyration Nation (Chip Chambers and Dale Dangles) take on The Renegades (Jack Spears and partner Eric O’Connell). And for the biggest prize of them all, Slick McGrick gets his rematch against the Canadian Icon, Ryan Heath for the XWA Heavyweight Championship. Last month's contest ended when Heath introduced the steel chair into the match resulting in a DQ, so McGrick will be looking for some retribution here tonight.
And of course in the main event we’ll see six of the top talents in the XWA (Nightmare, Joshua Kotsabasakis, Julius Fantana, Zane Valentine, Mikey Rave and Raj Mahal) battle each other for a chance to win a guaranteed shot at an XWA title of their choice (any time, anywhere).

The crowd looks to be hot tonight, with the ringside area full and more fans spilling into the seats above. There’s a lot of XWA merchandise on display throughout the crowd, and the kids are already chanting for their pal “Randall…" There has been a lot of anticipation building, and it looks like we’re about to get started.

What follows is a detailed recap of the event:

First up is a great highlight video of XWA’s June offering “Deception,” where the story of the night (among a ton of great wrestling) was arguably Buck 10’s retirement match against longtime rival Eddie Osbourne. Those who were in attendance are presented with a nice refresher of the event (while those who may have missed it are getting brought up to speed for continuity purposes)

The recap finishes, and it’s time for the opening montage setting up tonight’s action. We don’t get very far into the offering when, oh no… up on the screen is XWA Heavyweight Champion Ryan Heath to interrupt the video (sporting a hairstyle perhaps we’ll refer to as his “summer cut”).

Heath sounds downright maniacal tonight. More than usual. He’s got a message for the Dazzling One, Dick Durning. Heath’s also got Dick’s fiancé with him. She’s bound with restraints around her wrists and duct tape across her mouth. She isn’t looking like a happy camper, not one little bit. Heath reminds Durning of what he’s capable of when he sets his mind to it. He recalls how a short time ago he went to Dick’s house when he wasn’t home, how he knocked Dick’s fiancé out and left her on the floor defenseless and unable to protect herself or her baby.

Heath talked about how he picked up Dick’s baby and how he held it close. It made him feel good, really good. He talks about how he outsmarted Dick because in reality, he just used his family as bait so that he could get an opportunity to attack Dick, and in doing so, stabbed him in the eye. He said Dick needs to die. These guys are clearly not exchanging Christmas cards this year.

But he says it’s not over yet, and that unless Dick shows up at the ring tonight to sign away his chance to face him for the Heavyweight Championship belt at Quest For Gold in September, that he can kiss his fiancee goodbye.

WOW, what a way to kick off tonight’s action. Heath has set the tone. But time for announcer extraordinaire JD to welcome us proper, to XWA’s Roll The Dice! And without further delay, we’re ready for the opening contest.


Johnny Versace vs Sunny Warcloud

First out is Warcloud to a huge ovation. Sunny is definitely over with the Saint John crowd, and they’re making sure he feels the love. He springs into the ring and looks to the crowd for inspiration; the trademark tomahawk chop is on full display.

Versace’s music hits and he casually strolls through the curtain. Versace is all but going out of his way to taunt the crowd. A few youngsters near the entrance in particular are giving it to him. He’s not even up the steps yet and a “you’re a loser” chant has broken out. The crowd continues giving it to Versace as he stares them down. Versace finally gets into the ring, and we’re ready for action. Ring the bell, JD!

Right off the bat, we have a collar-and-elbow tie up and both competitors shake each other off. Both guys are intensely staring each other down and are teasing perhaps a show of strength. While Warcloud is in fantastic shape, Versace looks to have a slight advantage in the area of upper body physique, so Warcloud is likely playing it smart here.

They lock up again and roll along the ropes until they’re in the corner. The ref is looking for a clean break. Warcloud obliges, but Versace tries for a cheap shot. Before he knows it, Warcloud shoots him into the corner and gives him a hip toss on the way back for his troubles. That earns him a rousing applause from the fans, and Versace screams foul. Unfortunately for him, it was all legal and a clean maneuver.

They lock up again and Versace gains the advantage. He locks in a choke hold which, he breaks at the four count. Versace pounds Warcloud down to the ground in the corner. Versace brings Warcloud out with a snapmare and takes a moment to reconnect with his fan club. Versace is trying to get the crowd to chant his name but they can only muster another round of “you’re a loser”.

Warcloud is struggling to get in any offense so far. Versace hits a quick elbow drop off the ropes (a la Great Muta) and goes for the pin, but Warcloud kicks out at two. Versace is booting Warcloud in the back repeatedly. Versace stretches the arm and then moves onto a shoulder claw and really seems to be cinching it in with Warcloud seated on the mat. Warcloud finally gets to his feet, and with a few elbows to the stomach, he finally breaks out of the hold. He throws Versace into the corner and takes a running start at him. Versace moves, and Warcloud goes up and over to the mat below, and he’s hurt.

Warcloud makes his way back in the ring, and Versace gives him an old school body slam. He heads up to the second rope to drop the forearm, and into a pin. Could this be it? No, Warcloud kicks out at two. Warcloud is back to his feet and scampers up the ropes. Versace kicks him in the midsection, leaving Warcloud limp and prime for the picking as he sits on the turnbuckle. Versace gets him in position for a side slam of the second rope and hits it clean. Again a two count. Versace is starting to get frustrated.

Shades of a certain WWE Champion, Warcloud busts out what looks like a Cena inspired Attitude Adjustment. Versace is down and on his back. Up to the corner goes Warcloud and here comes a flying frog splash off the top turnbuckle. Wow, what a turnaround. But he did some damage to himself in the process and rolls off clinging to his ribs. Versace is back up first. Knees to the head by Versace and it looks like he’s back in control.

But out of nowhere, Warcloud rolls up Versace and gets the 1-2-3! Wow, great opening contest. Warcloud was dominated for most of the contest, but in the end, was able to pull out the victory. Versace shares his frustration with the fans as he leaves.

Heath and Dazzling Dick Face Off

Camera cuts to backstage as Ryan Heath has Dazzling Dick’s fiancee with him. He’s jerking her around and taunting her like it’s nobody’s business. He’s yelling that he’s going to break her arm if she doesn’t get moving. Heath drags her out to the ring and continues his tirade.

Heath is looking incensed, and says he could snap her little neck whenever he wants to. And by the look in her eyes, I think she believes he just might! Heath tells Dick that it doesn’t have to end like that though and that he has a contract in his very hand that could ensure that everything ends on a happy note.

The contract, you see, states that Durning will give up his opportunity to take on Heath for his XWA Championship belt at Quest For Gold (XWA’s biggest event of the year). All he has to do is sign it. And in return, Dick can have his special lady back. Heath taunts and teases some more and finally urges Durning to get out to the ring and sign the contract or else.

Finally…out comes Dick to the ring, and he looks both angry and concerned. Dick leaves no room for debate in terms of the lengths he is willing to go to for his family. Dick says that nothing is more important to him that his family and he’ll do whatever he has to do in order to get her back. The crowd is booing Heath the whole time. He yells for a referee to get out to the ring with the contract so that it can be made official. The ref heads to the ring as requested, document in hand. Dick takes the pen, the signature is finally in place. Heath pushes Dick’s fiancee at him and he grabs her to see if she is alright. Out of nowhere, Heath DESTROYS Dick with the belt and leaves him laying in the ring. Heath and his contract head to the back, and the crowd rains down its disapproval.

After a minute or two, Dick finally gets to his feet with help from the referees. Clearly the fans are happy to see him back in the upright position, but they are still enraged by what just went down. Looks like there won’t be any Durning versus Heath at Quest For Gold. Dick tries to shake it off and sprints to the back of the arena, seeking out his nemesis.


Wesley Pipes (c) vs Barstool Bailey

At last month's event, Barstool Bailey took on Nightmare in a one on one contest for the right to be considered the number one contender for the XWA Elite Championship. The winner would get a shot at the current champion Wesley Pipes. In a hard fought match, Bailey defeated Nightmare and earned the right to compete for the strap tonight in a one on one tonight.

Whoops, hang on; we’ve got some more video coming through. On the screen, we start getting a backstage feed from the locker room. The XWA Elite Champion Wesley Pipes is chatting it up with fellow shifty character Joshua Kotsabasakis on his cell phone. Pipes is boasting about his excellence in execution when it comes to cheating. In fact, he cops to cheating to get his first title shot, to win the title. Heck, he says he’s cheated in ever title defense to date. He says he doesn’t HAVE to; he just likes to. Pipes leaves to head for the ring. Meanwhile, we see XWA referee Scott Myers emerge from one of the stalls. Evidently he has a call of his own to make…

Pipe's music hits and out he comes draped in his cape. He takes a moment to point to the screen to remind us that in case we forgot, he cheats to win. Well then…

He’s a regular heat machine, as the crowd is booing like there’s no tomorrow. Classic smirk response to the loyal XWA faithful who have spent their hard earned money in part to see Pipes walk away without his belt. God's gift to professional wrestling, Wesley Pipes!

Out next is Barstool Bailey. The crowd pops huge for the Irish wonder. He’s a clear favourite and has the crowd fully behind him. He’s got his trademark keg and stool with him (they’re the equivalent of an American Express card, as I sense he “never leaves home without them”). Bailey sets his stool outside the ring and places his keg right on top of it. He asks some of the kids who are seated next to the ring if they’ll keep an eye on his “stuff,” and they seem all too happy to oblige.

Pipes, meanwhile, has received the standard referee patdown but is clearly in no hurry to hand over the belt. He seems to have some genuine concern about this matchup. And perhaps he should. Bailey looks like he means business tonight. As the ref shows Bailey the prize that they’ll be competing for, he takes a moment to try the belt on for size. The crowd cheers, as they seem to think that it would look great on him. Eventually, Bailey reluctantly hands it back to the ref and he’s ready for business.

Pipes has worked his way to the outside of the ring and is offering to send one of the older attendees at ringside packing to an old folks home. If he’s footing the bill, maybe there is a deal to be struck here. But we’ll never find out, as the bell rings, and it’s show time.

Right out of the gates, we have ourselves a collar-and-elbow tieup. They break the hold and have a brief staredown before Bailey gives Pipes a headbutt which sends him reeling to the floor. Pipes gets back to his feet and proceeds to give Bailey a huge slap to the face that can be heard echoing throughout the building. Bailey is not happy and quickly picks up Pipes for a slam, but changes his mind. He proceeds to set him back down before returning the favour with a huge slap of his own. Ouch…

Then he opts to go ahead with the anyway and really pummels him into the mat. When Pipes gets to his feet, Bailey attempts another headbutt but doesn’t connect with this one. Pipes throws some lefts and rights and appears to be mounting some sustained offense before Bailey regains control. The two men back away. Pipes cries foul to the crowd while Bailey mocks his opponent and plays to the fans.

Pipes rolls up Bailey for a quick two count, but Bailey kicks out. Pipes offers another public service announcement to a fan by calling them a puke, and suggests that Bailey is scared of him. The fans don’t appear to agree and let him have it.

Pipes has Bailey back outside now and threatens to throw him into the crowd. Everyone quickly bails out of the way to protect themselves, but the veteran Pipes simply turns to slide Bailey back into the ring instead. Great spot that definitely had the crowd running for cover. Bailey gets a little offense in which leaves Pipes down on the mat. Bailey decides that this is as good a time as ever for a beer break.

Wait a minute, “commissioner” Nelson Hum comes storming out from the back and grabs the Elite title from ringside. As quickly as he arrived, he disappears. Pipes is confused (as are many in the crowd), and Pipes yells “hey, where are you taking my title?”

Pipes heads to the locker room clearly dazed by this unexpected turn of events. In fact, he’s so caught up in the moment he doesn’t even realize that he’s been counted out. Your winner of the match, and NEW….Wait, the title can’t change on a count out can it? As a result, Bailey picks up the win, but goes home empty handed. While he’s not very happy, he can at least be content in the fact that Pipes’ title is MIA for now.

Back to the screen, where Nelson and Pipes are having a confrontation over the title belt in the back. I can’t quite make out the specifics of what’s being said, but the long and short of it that it appears as if Nelson Hum has been advised of some new information, details around a certain wrestler and his ongoing cheating way. Hum has decided to strip Pipes of his XWA Elite Championship belt. Pipes is irate, but evidently, there is nothing he can do about it. The boss has spoken. Looks like we have a vacant title at this time.

Update on XWA’s Participation in the Walk for Muscular Dystrophy 2011

Short little break in the action which gives JD an opportunity to give an update on the Muscular Dystrophy fund raising that XWA has been involved in as of late. The original goal for the XWA participants was $1,000 (a substantial sum on it’s own). JD is happy to report that not only did they reach their target, they surpassed it with a total count of $1,300! Great job to all those involved. On top of this achievement he adds that the XWA team was given the “Spirit Award” for their effort. Great job guys, and it’s all going to a great cause.

Back to the action…


Gyration Nation (c) vs The Renegades

It’s time now for the XWA Tag Team belts to be defended, as Gyration Nation puts it all on the line as they go two on two against Jack Spears and Eric O’Connell, The Renegades. First to the ring are The Renegades, weighing in at a combined weight of 479 lbs. The crowd gives them a warm reception as the defacto good guys heading into this encounter.

Music hits, and Gyration Nation breaks through the curtain as their music plays. Chip sporting his fantastic headband and Dale taking every opportunity he can to shake it like it’s nobody’s business. They are accompanied to the ring by their fellow FRAT brother Joshua Kotsakasakis. They’re saying hello to the fans as they strut their way to ringside and the fans are giving them the “you’re number one” gesture. Age appears to be irrelevant as the taunts fly.

Once everyone finally gets into the ring, it’s Chip and Eric to start. Chip takes the opportunity to do a little dance for Eric, and surprisingly, Eric isn’t amused. In fact, he offers up a big slap to the face as a thank you. That had to hurt. Chip decides it’s time to fire up the train. He stamps his feet, he slaps his face, he’s ready to charge and off he goes…DIRECTLY into the big boot of Eric who flattens him. Chip’s head snapped off the mat and no doubt he’s going to be chewing a few Advil later on.

Next, Eric tosses Chip into the ropes and lands a hip toss. Chip works hard to get back up to his feet and lands a standing drop kick for his troubles. Both men are back to their feet and are issuing mandatory staredowns. Neither appears to want to tag out yet, so the crowd waits with anticipation for someone to make a next move. Finally, Jack is in.

Chip does his best to distract the ref while Dale and Josh grab onto Jack and give him the old double team. C’mon ref! Finally, he turns to catch the dastardly deed going on behind his back. And for their troubles, Josh has been banned from ringside! So much for the three on two numbers game. If Gyration Nation plans on keeping their belts, they’re going to have to do it without the help of any outside interference.

Dale is now in with the tag and locks up with Jack. Some basic groundwork, and eventually, Dale lands a spinning forehand which sends Jack reeling to the floor. While this is happening, Chip (who is standing on the apron) takes a moment to suggest to the fans that they should “suck it”. Indeed…

Some quick tag work, and the Gyration Nation are controlling the match here early. Chip works his opponent to he ground and attempts the pin. Unfortunately for him, Dale was in the ring trying to cause a distraction and is escorted out of the ring by the ref. By the time the ref is back to apply the count, we have a kick out at two. Dale really cost his team there.

Jack is trying to mount some offense. He’s offering some lefts and rights, and eventually works Chip into the Renegades corner. The Renegades both have their feet to the throat of Chip and hold him there until the ref counts five. The tide appears to have turned now.

Double team in the middle of the ring by the Renegades. Jack is back out while Eric is in to get a two count. Back to their feet and a nice suplex delivered by Eric who makes the quick tag. A reverse and a spinning neck breaker by Chip on Jack gets some momentum back and offers Gyration Nation some hope.

Hold up, it’s TEA BAG TIME. Wow….drop of the nads to Jack’s face. The ref clearly isn’t impressed (granny close your eyes). Dual illegal punches to the groin send both guys to the mat. The ref, already unimpressed, appears to be debating whether or not to assess a double DQ but instead seems to be letting the match continue. Alls far in love and snuggle punching.

Dale is FINALLY up and able to get the tag. Jack didn’t make it to his corner, so he and Chip battle it out. Dale climbs up the turnbuckle. Jack appears to notice this, and in a very veteran move, takes Chip and sends him head first into his partners nether region. That sends Dale to the floor.

Dale is back into the ring, and he and Jack trade blows. Just when you start to think this match could be getting ready to go another 20 minutes, Dale rolls Jack up in a pin. Eric is struggling to get in the ring to break it up, but Chip is hanging onto his leg. The ref counts it and we have a winner.

Great show by both teams and very entertaining match.

Dale has his own cheering section of little dancers on the way to the back. They’re pretty good too. Good for him. Final result, the champions hang onto the gold.



We come back from intermission to our friend JD, who reminds us that we’re watching Roll The Dice! He also gives us a heads up on some future action. XWA will be back at the LBR on Sunday August 14 at 2 p.m. for an afternoon card. JD invites one and all to bring friends and family to another action packed XWA wresting event.


Robert Rogue is in the Crowd

Before we get on to the next match, JD makes his way outside to the front row and who does he find but former XWA Heavyweight Champion Robert Rogue. Rogue isn’t scheduled to appear in any action tonight but instead is evidently attending as a wrestling fan. JD asks Rogue what brings him out on this beautiful Saturday night in the port city.

Rogue advises us that everyone knows that he has retired from the business, and that he’s just there with the rest of the folks, enjoying the show. He says he thinks he can speak for the rest of the fans when he says he’s looking forward to seeing Ryan Heath get his ass kicked by Slick McGrick later tonight in the street fight. Crowd pops as they seem to be very much in agreement. JD wraps up this segment and takes us back to the ring.


Ryan Heath (c) vs Slick McGrick (Street Fight Rules)

The XWA Heavyweight champion Ryan Heath comes to the ring first surrounded by a mob of security (odd, the champ usually comes out last). He and Rogue get into a bit of a staredown as Heath walks around the ring.

Next, Slick ‘s music hits, and what??? McGrick is out wearing a full suit. On top of that, he’s sporting what appears to be a cute little wrist appendage.

McGrick takes the mic and starts to do some explaining. He says that he wanted to wrestle tonight but he could not get clearance from the medical staff. He’s got a broken wrist. McGrick reminds Heath about why they do what they do, why he does what he does. He says it’s about being classy, it’s about entertaining the people, etc… And unfortunately, because the doctor won’t clear him, he cannot do any entertaining tonight. Bottom line, there will not be any match tonight involving Slick McGrick. However, that doesn’t mean that someone ELSE can’t do the honours and take his place. That replacement will be none other than, RAJ MAHAL!

Ryan Heath (c) vs Raj Mahal (Street Fight Rules)

Cue the music and out comes Raj, who is ready to go! Start the match. Right out of the gates, Raj is all over him with some Ric Flair inspired chops and slaps. Heath definitely doesn’t seem interested in taking this kind of abuse and appears to be giving some serious thought to heading to the back and calling this a night. Mahal sees this and decides that if Ryan doesn’t want to come back in on his own, Raj will help him along. As he tries to pull him back in, Heath reverses and pulls his throat into the ropes, snapping him back to the ring.

Raj is on his back now while Heath starts focusing on the knee. Out goes Heath to the floor, and he returns with a kendo stick, which he starts to use on Mahal’s leg. Heath goes back outside and brings in a chair now. Heath gets Raj over into the corner and is reigning down punches. Raj is trying to fight back and is finally able to get out of the corner. He gets a hold of the kendo stick from Heath and issues some damage of his own.

The match makes its way to the outside, and the kendo stick work is picking up. This is a sheer brawl at this point as they are again sending chops back and forth, Raj starting to get the better of him.

The two combatants are moving through the crowd now and the fans are staying out of the way. Heath has a barbed wire bat now and takes a Barry Bonds inspired swing at Raj’s stomach. That leaves Mahal reeling. Heath throws a steel chair at Raj but misses. Raj is again trying to mount a comeback. They’re trading shots at a slower pace now, as both seem to be nearing the end of their first wind.

They work their way back inside the ring, and while Heath takes a moment to taunt Mahal, Mahal suddenly cleans Heath with a garbage can. Mahal has Heath on his back now and continues pummeling him with the garbage can. He hits him not once, not twice, but three times with solid blows! He looks like he’s going for a camel clutch but Heath is just able to keep himself from being locked into the hold. Raj decides to put the garbage can over Ryan’s head and torso, and after a prolonged tease, absolutely destroys Heath with the steel chair. Heath topples to the ground.

Mahal catches his breath, and Heath is again back to his feet. They trade offense for awhile, and eventually, Heath regains the advantage with some wicked shots from the kendo stick to the legs of Mahal. Heath has really focused on the legs of Mahal. Given his finisher, that’s probably a very smart play on his part. Heath actually tries to lock in the Ryan Tamer a couple of times but is unsuccessful.

Heath continues focusing on the leg, and it seems like he is clearly trying to work his way to a point where he can apply his finisher. Mahal is looking more and more like he will eventually succumb to the champion. Raj comes out of one corner with the chair in hand and Heath comes out of the other with the Kendo stick. Heath ducks the chair attempt and connects with the stick, sending Mahal to the mat.

Again, he’s focusing on the leg. After a couple of attempts to lock that Ryan Tamer in again, he finally rolls him over and it’s full stretch mode RYAN TAMER. It’s tap time and Mahal can take no more. The match ends, and still, your XWA Heavyweight Champion, Ryan Heath!

Full credit to Raj Mahal for giving it everything he had and then some. Having not prepared for this title shot tonight Mahal took Heath to the limit but came up just a bit short. Perhaps there will be another shot down the road for these two to put on another show. And let’s be fair, Heath also deserves some credit for being able to adjust on the fly to a new opponent and to find a way to successfully defend his title.


50/50 Draw

Another mini intermission for a lucky fan to be chosen as the winner of the 50/50 draw. Perhaps that lucky winner will be stopping by the merchandise table to buy a Julius Fantana mask.


Main Event: Roll The Dice (Nightmare, Mikey, Zane, Fantana, Kotsab, Mahal)

It’s finally time for the main event. During the 50/50 draw, the referees and some production crew brought out a series of ladders which will be utilized in the main event. There are probably seven or eight of varying sizes. That can only mean one thing, mayhem will ensue.

Just to bring you back up to speed, this is XWA’s perennial event in which six of the top contenders in the XWA compete for an XWA contract. This contract has the following stipulation. It offers the winner the right to challenge for any of the current XWA championships any time, any place.

An interesting tidbit to point out. Raj Mahal was slated to participate in this six man main event, but after that match with Heath, how does he have a realistic shot at winning this match? His long night might have just gotten longer…

JD is ready to get us started.

The first five contestants make their way to the ring, but we’re still missing Mahal. Perhaps he just needs a few extra minutes to gather himself. Wait, it doesn’t look like Mahal is going to make this match after all, so we’re going to need a replacement. And the guy who is going to fill that hole is none other than…

Dazzling Dick! Wow! He signed away his opportunity to get a shot at Heath’s title at Quest For Gold, but if he were to pull off the win here, he’d be back in the game. This changes everything!

This is going to get messy folks, so bear with me… Everyone starts in the ring, and when the bell hits sounds, they all scramble…

Dick tosses a ladder onto the ropes. He runs up it, then springs off the ropes to connect with a solid forearm to Valentine. The action and pace is fast and furious. There are guys inside the ring, outside the ring on the apron and on the floor. Nightmare takes an opportunity to walk by Rogue at ringside and size him up. Rogue may not be in the ring tonight, but he’s making his presence felt. Kotsabasakis and Nightmare are each holding one end of the same ladder, so Mikey Rave offers his body up and launches himself into the middle of it, sending both down to the mat.

Fantana is flying around the ring as usual. Valentine (on the inside) smokes Durning (trying to get back into the ring) through the ropes with a ladder and in the process, appears to cut him open! Fantana hits his trademark 506 and sends Valentine flying back to the middle of the ring himself. He teases a high flying move but changes his mind. Meanwhile Nightmare has found himself propped up against a ladder in the corner. Fantana heads for the corner and jumps off Nightmare, connecting with Kotsabasakis the middle of the ring.

Fantana pulls off a moonsault sideslam a la Sin Cara! Amazing! There are multiple ladders up now in the centre of the ring. Everyone has apparently found a climbing spot and has reached the top of their respective perch. The blows are reigning down. Fantana and Kotsabasakis are knocked off their ladders, falling down to the ropes and effectively clotheslining themselves in the process. Durning and Valentine remain up on their ladders somehow, for now.

Full nelson bomb by Nightmare on Fantana, who is now back on the mat, crawling around trying to catch his breath. Nightmare begins to prop up every ladder he can find as he looks to have some sort of plan in mind. Durning starts to interfere, so he offers up a solid kick to Dick for good measure. This sends Durning to the outside (removing him from the equation).

Valentine was trying to get back in the ring but also got booted back out for his troubles by Nightmare. You would think Nightmare was a junkyard dog is defending his territory. Getting a good look at Dick now, and he is still wearing a bright crimson mask from the earlier head shot.

Mikey Rave starts to make his presence known and kicks Dick to the head on the outside. Only Valentine and Nightmare remain on the inside (although Zane finally is able to sneak back in). Nightmare is still stacking ladders everywhere and begins to climb. Jenga anyone? Dick is finally back in and foils Nightmare’s plan by launching himself off one of the ladders in a cross body that sent Nightmare to the floor.

Fantana seems to have found some wind. He has Mikey Rave in the corner and is pounding and opening him up. Looks like everyone is sporting some blood, be it on their face or knuckles. Fantana flashes his bloody fists to the fans, and they scream in approval! Mikey Rave then takes Dick off the ladder via skin the cat but is taken out himself a few moments later.

There has to be an end in sight, as everyone has been battered something fierce!

Zane takes a ladder and tosses it to the floor, and in the process, taking out three of his opponents. Nightmare and Zane now in the ring trading punches while everyone else is back on the outside.

Faceplant to the concrete by Fantana to Rave! Wow, that had to hurt.

Dick is back in and climbing the ladder. He has the briefcase in sight. Wait, out of nowhere comes Heath?? He comes equipped with a steel chair in hand and just CLEANS Durning. Dick goes over the ropes and down to the floor. The landing was just out of view for some fans, but the sound of vertebrae crunching against wood made it obvious Dick just went through a table on the far side of the ring. I’m calling it, Dick is a done duck for tonight…

Rave and Kotsabasakis are left in the ring. Rave is stacking ladders a la Nightmare. He must have thought it looked like so much fun…

Rave is on top and is about to reach for the briefcase but…the Frat boys burst through the curtain!!! While Kotsabasakis is seemingly catching a nap in the corner of the ring, his buddies (Dale and Chip) storm the ring do their damage. They proceed to take everyone else out of the competition. Kotsabasakis climbs to the shoulders of his Frat brothers who in turn, climb the ladder. Kotsabasakis now has the prize in reach. Can he undo the briefcase in time? Will anyone make it back into the ring to stop this? HE HAS IT! Your winner of the Roll The Dice match! Josh Kotsabasakis (with serious assistance from his FRAT brothers)!!!!

Well, I didn’t see that coming. So Joshua Kotsabasakis is now the holder of a very prestigious piece of paper that guarantees him a title shot of his choice anywhere, anytime. Who knows when he’ll decide to cash it in, and who knows who he’ll decide to target. Will he bide his time and wait for the right moment to take out Ryan Heath? Would he prefer to set his sights on the Elite Championship? And what of Dazzling Dick? Is he just going to wilt away into the shadows? Find out when XWA returns to a venue near you.



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    Biggest Stars of Clash of Champions

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    Biggest Stars of Clash of Champions

    Kevin Wong
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