WWE Money in the Bank 2011: Why Kofi Kingston Will Win the Raw Ladder Match

Ben GartlandAnalyst IIJuly 14, 2011

The Money in the Bank ladder match is like watching a child grow.

The metaphorical child, in this case, is the career of the winner. Fans watch as a superstar ascends from mid-card status to the main-event.

In the past we've seen Edge, CM Punk, Jack Swagger, The Miz and more climb the literal ladder to the briefcase. The symbolic ladder to greatness.

This year there is one man who will take home the red briefcase, launching him to where he belongs, the main event.

That man is Kofi Kingston.


Kofi Kingston: Why He Will Win Money in the Bank for Raw

The great thing about Money in the Bank is that it is so unpredictable. Look at the past three matches, for example.

No one expected either Jack Swagger, Kane or The Miz to walk out with the briefcase. Yet it happened anyways. That's one of the reasons I believe  Kingston will win the match.


The Swerve

For those complaining about the WWE being predictable, Money in the Bank is and will be a reprieve.

The obvious points to Alberto Del Rio riding his momentum and winning the match. The same thing happened before the Royal Rumble. But the difference is that Money in the Bank has never been predictable.

Next to Evan Bourne, it seems like Kingston does not have a very good chance to win it. He doesn't have any huge momentum swings at the moment, he's been given almost no mic time to hype himself up and he hasn't sent any messages by defeating any opponents.

Neither did Swagger, Kane or The Miz.

It's a perfect swerve, giving it to the guy who isn't the least or the most likely to win. It's not obvious, nor head scratching.

Another reason Kingston will win is the match taking place later that night between Punk and John Cena for the title.


The Storyline

Remember back to the Randy Orton and Kingston storyline. Kingston did not stand for Orton being a bully and attacked him for it.

I can see the same happening against Punk.

Let's pretend this is the scenario. Punk has just beaten Cena for the title. He is making a move to humiliate Cena further by beating him up after the match. Kingston's music hits, and he comes from behind with a "Trouble in Paradise" and cashes in the contract. Kofi wins and celebrates.

The next night, Punk comes out and proclaims he's not leaving until he has the title. Cena has been "fired," so it sets up Punk and Kingston at SummerSlam. There have been rumors of Cena-Del Rio at SummerSlam, but I honestly don't see it.

I do not see Punk leaving, and I believe Cena needs some time off to heal some nagging injuries.

The Punk-Kingston feud also makes sense if Punk is going to bat for Kingston. Punk and Kingston are reportedly good friends, so its logical that Punk wants to feud with him.


Final Thoughts

Kingston is as ready as ever for the big stage. His wrestling skills are improving and becoming more exciting each week.

His mic work has never been this good. Out of kayfabe, he is rolling as a wrestler. It's time for WWE to take a chance with Kingston.

I think they will take that chance.

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