UFC 134 Fight Card: Will Anderson Silva Defend and Finally Jump Up to 205?

Will AndersonCorrespondent IJuly 14, 2011

Photo by Gleidson Venga
Photo by Gleidson Venga

A spider has eight legs. Each limb is used to provide a combination of balance as it treks across a web of it's own creation to trap its prey. In a similar fashion, Anderson Silva, whose nickname is ever so fitting for a fighter of his caliber, operates in the same way: he studies you carefully, baits you into his trap and then before you know it, you're a goner. 

With the longest winning streak in UFC history, Anderson Silva looks to extend that streak with a rematch against the last man to ever gain a victory over the middleweight champ, Yushin Okami. While Okami is quite a formidable fighter, let's be honest by understanding that Okami has little to no chance of beating Silva: he's too quick, too accurate and has a killer instinct to put an opponent to sleep.

Assuming that Silva utterly destroys Okami at UFC 134, at the age of 36, Silva is at the point where he will begin to show some level of erosion as gets closer to 40. If he is to move to light heavyweight, it would need to be after his fight in Brazil; time is not on Anderson's side, so if he has any chance of even being in contention for a title, he would need to make his move this year. 

Now to play devil's advocate, some would be opposed to this decision to move just because he's proven himself to be the consensus top fighter in the world  and would only possibly tarnish his legacy if he were to move up and fight some of the division's top stars and lose. 

The hope of many at this point is that Silva should move up in weight simply because of how he has utterly demolished his opponents in the two times that he's fought at 205. He set the expectation so high that we expect this front face kick landing pugalistic marksman to rise to the top of the division with relative ease. 

Imagine how he would dismantle Rashad, or knee Rampage into oblivion, and of course, no matchup would be more anticipated than Silva against Jones; you can hear the collective swoon of MMA fanboys at the mere mention of this proposition. It's just a shame that the reality of the matter is that once Okami is defeated and a potential Sonnen rematch is made, then you'll most likely see this Spider go down the proverbial water spout.