Nick's NBA Notes 11/1/2008

Nicholas PardiniCorrespondent INovember 1, 2008

1. Lakers look dominant.

Although the Los Angeles Lakers have only played two games this season, they seem to be proving preseason prognosticators to be correct by playing dominant basketball.

On back-to-back nights, the Lakers have blown out the Clippers and the Trailblazers by an average of twenty-nine points per game. The Lakers have also been excellent with sharing the basketball, being in the top of league in the assists category and having even balanced scoring (Kobe leading scorer at only 19.5 PPG).

Andrew Bynum has been force in the low post forcing shutting down oppositions points in the paint and averaging three blocks per game. As a result their defense seems to have improved and so far have not allowed over 79 points in a single game.

The question now is can Bynum stay healthy and can the Lakers keep up the relentless defense with their prolific offense.


2. Can Greg Oden become a bust?

With just thirteen minutes of play in his NBA career, Greg Oden is again out with an injury. 

A foot injury will keep him out for two to four weeks. After hurting his hand at Ohio State and missing all of last season with a knee injury, Greg Oden has been more known for his fragility than his game.

He has not even scored a point in regular season play and looked intimidated playing at game pace and against Andrew Bynum who is comparable in size. Fear of another injury seems to make Oden hesitant.

Even though, Greg Oden is only twenty-one years old, he looks like his fifty and the right side of his body is breaking down like that is the case. His brittleness as a big man and as a young player may derail his career which may draw comparison to previous Blazer drafted big men such as Bill Walton or even Sam Bowie.


3. Stephon Marbury and Eddie Curry DNP’d in Knicks opener.

Coach Mike D’Antoni has quickly changed the culture of the Knicks since arriving in New York. In their opening win against the Miami Heat, D’Antoni benched Knick mainstays Eddie Curry and Stephon Marbury for the entire game.

Marbury and Curry have both been underachievers since arriving in New York, but they still have the ability to score and are above average players.

However, they don’t seem to fit into the Knick’s new run and gun system and might have to get used to riding the pine until they get traded to other teams.