Who Are Leicester City?

Amit ChauhanCorrespondent INovember 1, 2008

I have lived in the US for four years now.

Most weeks, I watch the Premier League fixtures in the comfort of my living room, with my roommates occasionally wandering in and being perplexed by the reason why I am so fond of the sport labelled "soccer" stateside.

Some weeks I yearn for the rowdiness of English pub culture. So I visit a watering hole in the city, and fulfill my lust for an authentic football feel.

It is during these excursions that I am always asked a question. One that has been around since the beginning for football and it will be around till the day it ends.

"So, what team do you support?"

It is at this point where I take a sip of my beer and reply, "Leicester City".

The next part is a standard script.

Either, they are from England and they know who Leicester City are. Or, they are from the US and they are confused by a team that is not in the Premiership.

So, it is because of this that I have decided to indulge myself and write an informative piece regarding the team known as ‘The Foxes’.

Leicester City were founded in 1884. Their crest and mascot is a fox and they don blue jerseys.

Even though they currently languish in England’s third tier (League One) they have had a rich history.

The Foxes currently reside at the Walkers Stadium, previous to this they called Filbert Street their home, one which they occupied for 111 years.

They have reached the FA Cup final four times (but never won it) and they have won the League Cup three times.

Four of the most famous players Leicester City have produced were Peter Shilton, Gordon Banks, Emile Heskey, and Gary Lineker. Unfortunately, Leicester have always been known as a selling club and this has resulted in some of their woes.

The most successful period for City was under Martin O’Neill (1995-2000).

During this time, Leicester won two League Cups and qualified for Europe. However, in 2000, after being offered a slew of "big" jobs, O’Neill departed to take charge of Celtic FC.

After this Leicester became a "yo-yo" club. At the current time they are riding high in League One, giving the fans the victories we have been craving.