Arsenal: Ranking the Top 10 Gunners Fan Chants of the Last Decade

James DudkoFeatured ColumnistJuly 7, 2011

Arsenal: Ranking the Top 10 Gunners Fan Chants of the Last Decade

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    Terrace chants are the supporter's battle cry, a way for the individual fan to communicate with the team.  They can be used to spur the team on or to voice discontent.  Sometimes that communication is not always the healthiest or most positive discourse.    Arsenal fans are no exception in following these general rules of fan chants.

    The last decade has been an interesting one for the Arsenal faithful.  The beginning of it played host to something of a 'golden age' for the club.  Arsene Wenger's technically daring and powerful teams swept all before them, collecting silverware and plaudits for their purist approach in equal measure.

    The second half of the decade saw the move away from historic Highbury to the plush confines of the Emirates stadium, a seemingly fitting reward for the club's progress.  Instead the new stadium became something of an albatross, a symbol of Arsenal's sudden inability to remain amongst the elite.

    In the now six trophyless seasons that have followed the move to Ashburton Grove, the chants sung by Gunners fans have in some respects, naturally come to reflect the changing fortunes of the club.

    But no matter how bleak or infuriating things have gotten pitch, Gunners supporters have still used their voice to buoy the efforts of their team.  Here are ten of the best Arsenal chants from the last decade.

10. Gael Clichy

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    He may have recently signed for top four rivals Manchester City but former Arsenal left back Gael Clichy was the inspiration for a fairly significant Gunners fan chant of the last decade:

    Gael Clichy, Clichy,
    Hes better then Ash-er-ly,
    He should have been number 3,
    Gael Clichy...

    Most commonly heard after Clichy had embarked on one of his lung bursting runs up the left flank or had just gotten one of his daredevil sliding challenges right, Arsenal fans were enamoured with Clichy's hard working displays.

    After former Highbury hero Ashley Cole had departed for London rivals Chelsea, Arsenal fans embraced Clichy as the antithesis of a player they felt had betrayed them.  This chant was easily the most sanitised attempt Gunners supporters made at making their feelings about Cole heard.

9. Samir Nasri

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    Another player who could head for the Emirates exit door and the lure of a bumper Manchester City contract, Samir Nasri seems to have irreversibly altered his standing with Arsenal fans.

    It's a shame not only because Nasri is a wonderful talent but also because it makes it likely that another set of fans may get to adopt the rousing song Gunners supporters formed to pay homage to the mercurial frenchman:

    Na na na na na na na na na
    Samir Nasri, Nasri
    Samir Nasri...

    This fast clapping, foot stomping chant was a major upgrade on the previous 'Super Sam' attempt.



8. Eduardo

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    Still a painful subject for Gunners fans everywhere, Eduardo's horrific leg injury suffered away to Birmingham City in February 2008, became a rallying point for supporters and the team.

    When the Croation international arrived at the Emirates to replace the great Thierry Henry, he was the kind of gem plucked from obscurity that Arsene Wenger used to be lauded for.  With a precision and coolness in front of goal second to none, Arsenal's new number 9 quickly won the crowd over with his deadly finishing.

    The brutal interruption to his career occurred when he was in the middle of a splendid scoring run.  Having formed a lethal partnership with Togolese battering ram Emmanuel Adebayor, Eduardo helped take Arsenal as close to the Premier League summit as they have been during their six year barren spell.  Arsenal fans can still only wonder how things could have been so different had this dual nationality fox in the box been available for that season's title run in.

    Eduardo's rehabilitation was closely monitored and his return anxiously awaited.  In the meantime, Arsenal fans reminded the rest of the league that the former Dinamo Zagreb poacher had a special place in their hearts:

    He came to us when Henry went, Eddie, Eddie,
    He scored more goals than Darren Bent, Eddie, Eddie,
    He broke his leg,
    But he'll be back,
    And Darren Bent will still be cack,
    Eduardo Silva Arsenal's Number 9!!

    Sadly, Eduardo's comeback in an Arsenal shirt was short lived and he was sold to Shakhtar Donetsk in 2010.  He received a heartfelt reception when he returned to the Emirates with Donetsk back in October, delighting the crowd with a goal scoring cameo.

    England international Darren bent's three goals against Arsenal for Sunderland and Aston Villa last season, probably provided a measure of sweet revenge for his less than honourable mention in this chant.



7. Emmanuel Eboue

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    During a December 2008 1-0 home victory against Wigan Athletic, the ugly side of football support was seen at the Emirates stadium.  With Arsenal holding a slender lead and needing to recover from a sluggish first few months of the season, Arsene Wenger introduced Ivory Coast utility man Emmanuel Eboue into the fray.

    Eboue then proceeded to have one of his characterisitic eccentric performances, displaying baffling decision making and sloppy general play.  The crowd turned nasty.  Every touch from Eboue began to recive boos from the frustrated home support.  Eventually Arsene Wenger was forced to remove Eboue from the firing line and sub the substitute.

    Since then Eboue has assumed cult status and there has been an implicit attempt by many fans to make up for that day:

    Come to see Eboue!
    You've only come to see Eboue!
    Come to see Eboooue!
    You've only come to see Eboue!

    The chant is one of the Gunners fans best because it perfectly encapsulates the complex relationship Eboue and the supporters share.  The tongue in cheek, self-depricating tone of this chant perfectly fits a player who still frustrates and delights in equal measure.

    Eboue's enthusiastic personality is a welcome part of a squad who rarely seem able to muster a smile.  For this reason it's easy to want Eboue to succeed.  But it's also just as easy to temper your expectations for him with the caveat that at any moment, it could all go wrong.


6. Patrick Vieira

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    Okay so this one may be a slight cheat, as the chant likely originated prior to the start of the last decade.  But the revereance and respected still accorded Patrick Vieira by Gooners everywhere, cannot be underestimated.

    It is intensley gratifying to still hear Arsenal fans lend voice to their approval of perhaps Arsene Wenger's greatest ever success:

    Viera whoah,
    Viera whoah,
    He comes from Senegal,
    He played for Arsenal!

    Sadly in recent years opposition fans have latched onto Vieira's departure in 2005 as the catalyst for Arsenal's downturn in fortunes and have manipulated this chant to mock the absence of silverware.

    As the player who epitomised Arsenal as a force to be reckoned with during the early part of the last decade, Vieira may never be adequately replaced.  Times may have changed but the former Highbury general will remain fondly remembered.

5. Dennis Bergkamp

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    This chant's presence on the list is justified by a similar argument to the one used for Patrick Vieira.  Also no discussion of anything great to do with Arsenal would be right without at least one mention of The Master.

    The personification of Arsene Wenger's footballing philosophy, Dennis Bergkamp was the catalyst for Arsenal's fruitful period under Wenger.  No song could ever really do justice to Bergkamp's vision and technique.  But that would never prevent Arsenal fans from trying to find an appropriate way to show their gratitude to the greatest talent the club has ever had:

    There's only ooone Dennis Bergkamp,
    One Dennis Bergkamp,
    Walking a long,
    Singing a song,
    Walking in a Bergkamp wonderland!

    The fantasy element of this chant befits the feeling many fans had when viewing the Dutch maestro at his best.  It was a dream come true that one of the finest players in the history of the game, was producing his form for the Gunners.

    Patrick Vieira's presence has been sorely missed during Arsenal's recent run without honours.  But it's the magic of Bergkamp that Arsenal most need to recapture.

4. Cesc Fabregas

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    This one may not be much of a chant, but it's place on the list is guaranteed because it speaks to the biggest issue which has dogged Arsenal's close season activity for the last three years:

    We've still got Cesc Fabregas,
    We've still got Cesc Fabregas,
    We've still got Cesc Fabregas,
    We've still got Cesc Fabregas...

    The word 'still' was added this last season as a reminder that Barcelona's embarrassing annual pursuit to make up for letting a talent like Fabregas slip away in the first place, had failed again.

    As the biggest success of Arsene Wnger's often maligned youth project, watching Cesc Fabregas develop from a raw prodigy into the arguably the finest creative midfielder in the game, has been a real privilege.  Regardless of who else comes into Arsenal and whoever leaves, managing to retain the services of Fabregas for at least another year, would still be Arsene Wenger's biggest transfer coup.

    If Fabregas does finally return home and the 2010-11 season was the final time this chant was heard, then so be it.  It was good while it lasted.


3. Freddie Ljunberg

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    A forgotten hero from Arsenal's past glories, quick thinking Swede Freddie Ljunberg enjoyed the most productive spell of his career with the Gunners.

    A firm fan favourite, Ljunberg forever endeared himself to the crowd with his goal scoring exploits during the run to the Double in 2002.  With driving force Robert Pires cut down with injury, Ljunberg struck up a lethal partnership with Dennis Bergkamp that propelled Arsenal to their second double in four years and Arsene Wenger's greatest achievement.

    Bergkamp's innate gift for producing a defense splitting pass found the perfect foil in Ljunberg's superbly timed late runs into the box.  Vital goals against Tottenham, Ipswich, West Ham and Bolton in the league as well as a wonderful curling effort in the FA Cup final, meant that more than Ljunberg's red hair distinguished him from the crowd:

    We love you Freddie,
    Coz you've got no hair,
    We love you Freddie,
    Coz you're everywhere,
    We love you Freddie,
    Coz you're Arsenal through and through!

    A player who always gave the maximum effort and was lethal in the box, Ljunberg in his prime would be as vital to the current Arsenal squad. 



2. Arsene Wenger

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    This particular eulogy to the Arsenal manager narrowly beat out 'there's only one Arsene Wenger!'  While that is certainly true, this chant, celebrating the frenchman's biggest triupmhs is not only a great chant but a nice reminder of a time when Wenger was afforded the respect from the fans he deserves:

    Arsene Wenger's Magic,
    He wears a magic hat.
    And when he saw THE DOUBLE,
    He said I'm having that!

    Not matter how idiosyncratic and intransigent many feel he may have become in the last few years, it should always be remembered that times have also been great during Arsene Wenger's reign.  Nothing would be better that to have cause to bring this chant back come next May.  If it's happened before, it can happen again.  Here's hoping.

1. Old Trafford, May 8th 2002

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    The unbeaten league campaign of 2003-04 was an historic achievement and something all Gunners fans should take immense pride in.  But the double win in 2002 can be argued to be Arsenal's finest achievement under Arsene Wenger.

    The Gunners were undefeated away from home and scored in every single league fixture.  Winning the cup and the league together is always a special moment.  But securing the double at the home of the biggest club in the English game and signalling an all too brief shift in the balance of power made this season one for the ages.

    At the time, Manchester United had the well earned aura as the single most dominant force in the Premier League.  Although some of that feeling has been restored through recent successes, their mystique was stronger then than it is now.  Chelsea's three league titles and Manchester City's endless finances means United are now simply one of the elite.  In 2002, the red devils were the undisputed kings of the game.

    That is until Arsene Wenger's second great Arsenal team wrestled control away from them.  United recaptured the league title a year later, but they couldn't compete with the 'Invincibles' in 2004 and played second fiddle to Jose Mourinho's Chelsea juggernaut for two years after that.

    One league crown in five seasons qualifies as a down period for Manchester United, and it was all started when Sylvain Wiltord capped a superb team effort in May 2002 at United's very own fortress:

    We won the league,
    We won the league,
    In Manchester,
    In Manchester,
    We won the league In Manchester, We won the league at Old Trafford, We won the league in Manchester.

    Arsenal fan chants may have gone from being praise for the skill and determination that yielded trophies to attempts to spur on the inconsistent talents in the current squad.  But nothing would please Gooners more than to apply today's names to lyrical celebrations of achievement.