Floyd Mayweather vs. Victor Ortiz: 3 Reasons This Will Be an Easy Win for Money

Deion McNairCorrespondent IJuly 7, 2011

Floyd Mayweather vs. Victor Ortiz: 3 Reasons This Will Be an Easy Win for Money

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    When it is understood that you're better than all your peers, your confidence in everything you do is high. This is no different in boxing.

    Being the best pound for pound fighter in the world is the most coveted feat for boxers. When you have this title it means you have big money fights, respect, and title belts to show for it.

    Floyd Mayweather, until beaten or retired, is the pound-for-pound best boxer in the world whether people believe it or not. He carried this title before his last fight with Shane Mosley, but because of his hiatus from the ring people don't think as highly of him anymore.

    Well, Mayweather is scheduled to get back in the ring later this year and he looks to re-establish himself as the best fighter in the world.

    His fight on September 17 with Victor Ortiz will be the first fight in his ultimate goal of securing his legacy. This fight will prove to be nothing but a warm-up for Mayweather and here are the reasons why..

Ortiz Is Too Young

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    Victor Ortiz is a Mexican-American boxer who currently holds the WBC World Welterweight belt. In the light welterweight division he once held the USBA title and the WBO NABO title.

    His accolades prove that he is a great fighter, but he is also young.

    Ortiz is just 24 years old, and will be in the ring against an aging but still in his prime Floyd Mayweather.

    Mayweather is 34 years old and has seen almost everything that Ortiz will try to throw at him. Ortiz’ immaturity will show when Mayweather, who is great on defense, is constantly slipping his punches and counter punching.

    Also, Ortiz committed the cardinal sin by quitting in the ring against Marcos Maidana two years ago. Sure you can argue that it was two years ago, but quitting is something you don’t do in boxing.

    Still on the good side of 25, Ortiz will get rattled when fighting a boxer as skilled and patient as Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather will sense his frustration and fight accordingly.

Mayweather's Style Will Frustrate Ortiz

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    Victor Ortiz has a crowd-pleasing style of boxing. He is a southpaw volume puncher who comes at you non-stop. He throws powerful punches from both hands which keeps opponents off guard.

    Floyd Mayweather is a pure tactician and doesn’t want to let his hands fly the whole fight. He wants to counter punch and make you look foolish when you’re trying your hardest to hit him.

    The southpaw style is believed to give Mayweather problems, which is why some think Ortiz has a real shot at beating him. I beg to differ.

    Mayweather has shown throughout his career he doesn’t get rattled when the fight isn’t going his away. He stays calm and changes his style to accommodate what he is up against.

    That is what he will do against Ortiz.

    Ortiz will come out trying to box the only way he knows how, which is full steam ahead. Mayweather is going to dance around the ring and counter punch all night. If he deems it in his best interest, he will throw more punches to try to put Ortiz down.

    The bottom line is that Mayweather knows how to win fights so he will fight whatever way is necessary to do so.

Mayweather Knows What's on the Line

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    The Mayweather-Ortiz fight will be the first fight for Mayweather since he defeated Shane Mosley in May 2010.

    Entering that fight Mayweather was considered the best pound for pound boxer in the world. Ever since his hiatus from the ring though, people have completely bought into the Manny Pacquiao hype.

    When they were negotiating the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight negotiations fell through because of Pacquiao not wanting extensive blood and urine testing.

    However, somehow many boxing fans say Floyd is ducking Pacman in order to preserve his perfect record. Not the case.

    “Money” Mayweather knows the fight with Pacquiao will be the highest paying fight in boxing history. He also knows that fight can’t happen right away and may cost him millions if he loses to Ortiz.

    Mayweather is coming out of boxing for two reasons: to secure his boxing legacy by beating Pacquiao and to cash in on the biggest fight in boxing history.

    Ortiz is just the warm-up match for Pacquiao. Mayweather will win handily but hopefully he destroys Ortiz just to let everyone know he’s back and hasn’t missed a beat.