Why the MWC should snatch up Boise State right now!

The Brothers LynnCorrespondent IOctober 31, 2008

In this age of arbitrary decision making when it comes to deciding who is a quality program, it is essential that teams face as many quality teams as possible. While it is not impossible to get national attention with a really weak schedule as in the case of Hawaii last year(we all saw how that turned out), it is far more useful to have a tough schedule and prove how good you are. Not only does it prove how good you are, it gives you a chance to challenge yourself, improve your team, and it helps in recruiting to be getting quality national attention.

All of this leads to why the Mountain West needs to get Boise State to join the conference. In short, there is no other team in the non-bcs conferences, that has more consistently garnered national attention than Boise State. While I am amongst those who criticize Boise State for being in such a weak conference, you can’t argue with winning as much as they have, or that memorable Fiesta Bowl game.

That is why this would be a huge benefit to both parties. The Mountain West would add another quality team that is consistently in the rankings, and Boise State would add a tremendous amount of strength to their schedule with the likes of BYU, utah, and TCU. Having four nationally ranked teams, and a couple others that are not too far off, the Mountain West would be in an even better position to knock on the BCS door, both as a buster, and as a potential addition.

Few people that have paid attention to college football this year wouldn’t admit that the Mountain West has not been better than at least two conferences as a whole, and one conference, minus USC. At some point the BCS will have to pay some attention.

Beyond the football world, Boise State is also imrpoving in basketball, as BYU fans can probably agree. It all just makes sense. There is some talk that their academic standards don’t match up. If that is the case the conference could just require them to up their standards if they want to come and play. In reality, most fans couldn’t care less about the academic side, and even a lot of the administration is more concerned with making money than educating people, sadly.

In short, now is the time to act and make the Mountain West that much stronger.