Spartans Show "Class" After Beating Michigan

Jason BarczyCorrespondent IOctober 30, 2008

I'm obviously being very sarcastic about the headline because if the Spartans and their fans, alumni and boosters had any class whatsoever this would not be happening.

But it is, and now that MSU has picked up their first win on the football field against Michigan since 2001 their fans, alumni and boosters are showing their colors.

Two digital billboards, one by the Frandor Shopping Center in East Lansing and the other along I-96 near Beck Road in Novi, have appeared with the score of last weeks game and comments taking jabs at Michigan.

And they wonder why Michigan and its fans don't respect them.

Here's a list of the comments:

"Leaders and Best? In Your Dreams Maybe."

"Where's the Arrogance Now?"

"Leaders and Best? Seriously? Lately? You've Got To Be Kidding."

"Holy Toledo! Bye Bye Bowl Streak."

"Oh Well, There's Always Men's Basketball. Oh, My Bad."

"Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Your Football Team's Terrible, And Your Basketball Team, Too."

"It's Not Over, And It'll Never Be Over Here. It's Just Starting."

"Pride Comes Before The Fall-Mark Dantonio, Nov. 5, 2007- He Tried To Warn You."

The billboards are brought to us courtesy of Bitter Rivals, Inc. and started running on October 25 and will end Nov. 2.

The website is promoting the billboards (not sure if the website is part of Bitter Rivals, Inc.).

Here's a video of the images of the billboard:


Really Spartys? This is sad.

Michigan State is still 10-30 against Michigan in the last 40 years and now you have the nerve to put up billboards bragging about beating a 2-5 team that lost to Toledo.

As arrogant as Michigan fans are, myself included, I could not imagine Wolverines fans, alumni or boosters going to this extreme.

And whoever is shelling out this money to put the billboards up the least they could do is come up with something catchier. There's two retarded references to Michigan being the Leaders and Best and two other references to basketball.

Typical Spartys bringing up basketball when trying to argue about football. Real original.

Putting up billboards commemorating a win is reserved for when that team becomes a champion in their respective sport.

I'm sure Notre Dame boosters didn't put up billboards bragging about their win over the Wolverines this year.

MSU fans should listen their own coaches words and worry about how prideful some in their fan base are right now.

If I'm putting money on anyone this weekend its Wisconsin.