Tuff-N-Uff: Browning vs. Postma Main Card Review

Spencer TucksenSenior Writer IJuly 3, 2011

Tuff-N-Uff: Browning vs. Postma Main Card Review

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    I recently attended the first MMA event of my life, July 1st. That event just so happened to have been under the Tuff-N-Uff promotion at the Cox Pavilion in Las Vegas, Nev.

    I decided that since I had attended the event and was able to view each fight closely that I would write a general review of the title fights on the card.

Undercard Fights and Kudos

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    David Thompkins defeats Boostayre Nefarious (Unanimous Decision)

    Fard Muhammad defeats Malcom Gordon (TKO)

    Danny Scolari defeats Tim Bowman (Unanimous Decision)

    Fabricio Barbosa defeats Eddie Velasquez (Unanimous Decision)

    Damian Jackson defeats Joshua Morgan (TKO)

    Joey Guevera defeats Shane Benbow (TKO)


    Guevera, Scolari and Muhammad really impressed me with their fights. Fard showed he has some legit power in his punches right when the fight started, after knocking Gordon down with a clean shot to the head. He was pretty much teeing off on him until the fight was called just after 20 seconds.

    Guevera basically overwhelmed Benbow, completely outworking him in all facets of the game. He was more aggressive, had more power behind his shots, was better standing as well as better on the ground. It was really a statement fight from the 10th Planet Riverside fighter.

    And lastly, is Scolari, who showed an excellent ground game against his opponent in Bowman. Pretty much the entire fight, he consistently took him down and worked to get advantageous positions whenever possible.

    I honestly couldn't see any mistakes in his game throughout the fight. I am definitely looking forward to seeing what he can do in the future.

    I just want to say you need to look out for Damian "Master Chief" Jackson, because he looks like he has a lot of potential. At only about 21, he still has plenty of time to improve on his already solid skills.

Women's 115-Pound Division: Kathryn Davis vs. Kaiyana Rain

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    This had to be arguably the most entertaining fight of the night, without a doubt. Both fighters came out swinging with no intention of going to the ground. Not the most technically impressive fights I've seen, but the heart of both of these women really showed.

    Pretty much from the start, Kaiyana was doing damage to Davis with her boxing, which was very crisp. The first round seemed to consist mostly of Davis taking three or four shots for every one that she hit. There were even a couple times where she appeared to be moments from being finished but still held on.

    In the following rounds, she really came back, doing more damage and putting Rain into some very difficult positions and dealt significantly more damage.

    This had to be one of the toughest fights to call that I've seen, live and otherwise, which is the reason this wound up inevitably being called as a Majority Draw.

    It was a disappointing ending, as all draws are, but still very impressive for both fighters. I expect to see a rematch in the near future.

Mens 185-Pound Division: John Gettle vs. Tyler Jeppesen

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    This was one of the shortest fights on the card, among one of the most impressive. The first thing I had noticed when I saw this fight was just how ginormous Gettle was entering the cage.

    This was a 185-pound fight, yet he had to weigh around 210 or so. Just crazy how fit he was coming in.

    His opponent, Tyler Jeppesen, was smaller, but really had a lot of energy coming into the cage, but sadly, that was not enough to win the fight.

    Right from the bell, Gettle went for the takedown and immediately got Jeppesen's back. From there, it was only about a minute of working in the Rear-Naked Choke before Tyler tapped.

    I would have liked to see more from both fighters, as far as their overall skills go, but everything that I did see from the champion really impressed me.

    I must mention though, that Jeppesen showed great sportsmanship after the fight, hugging Gettle and congratulating him as if they were both on the same side.

Womens 145-Pound Division: Jessamyn "The Gun" Duke vs. Autumn "300" Richardson

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    This fight wound up being one of the bigger grappling wars of the evening, but a very entertaining fight from start to finish.

    At the start of each round, Richardson would take Duke to the ground, and from there, Jessamyn would put on a Jiu-Jitsu clinic.

    It was pretty clear who had the better ground game between the two from the beginning, since "The Gun" had Autumn in a number of extremely tough situations, including having her in a triangle for the majority of the third round.

    However, occasionally, Richardson would get out and land a few solid shots from the top, and showed an insane amount of toughness, working out of those deep submission. But, having said that, those things definitely were not enough to win her any of the rounds, as Duke went on to become the new champ of the Women's-145 division.

    The only recommendations I would have for Jessamyn would be that she work on her takedown defense. Although of course, her height (5'11") is quite a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to leverage. Still, lots of props for working through that fight.

    And I must say about Autumn...if the fighting game doesn't work out for her, she'll always have a dancing career as a second option, considering it was the most entertaining post-fight I've seen in a while!

Mens 145-Pound Division: Cesar "Surefire" Campos vs. Troy Remer

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    It was pretty clear from the start who the fan favorite in this fight was, considering there were multiple times where "REMER! REMER! REMER!" chants could be heard throughout the arena.

    Although despite this, Campos was the better fighter that night. But you'd never have known it from the first round. Remer came out aggressive and dominated the three-minute round, with some powerful takedowns and a very deep choke near the end of the round.

    The only thing that really went Campos' way were the last 30 to 45 seconds, where he worked his way out of a tough submission attempt from Remer to land a few really solid shots in the moments leading up to the bell.

    The second round however, would go much more in Campos' favor. It started with Remer lifting and then slamming "Surefire" but allowed Cesar to get his back.

    From there, he pounded Troy until he eventually managed to work in a Rear-Naked Choke to get the victory in the last minute of the second round.

    I was impressed by both Campos and Remer for sure, both being with big camps such as Tapout and Xtreme Couture respectively and am hoping more people see how much potential these fighters have.

Womens 135-Pound Division: Marciea "Black Widow" Allen vs. Kari Lichtenwalner

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    This wasn't the most exciting fight in the world, but it showed there may be a new legit contender at 135.

    Even though this was one of the most one-sided fights, I was impressed by the toughness of Lichtenwalner's toughness.

    Throughout the duration of the fight, she did very little damage to the "Black Widow," but she took some serious BOMBS at certain points. I was sitting a good 70 to 80 feet away and could see Allen literally send the sweat flying off of Kari at certain points.

    This fight wasn't close, but it did at least show the potential that Marciea Allen has, if she works on rounding out her game more. I really can't say much else about this fight, since it was pretty much the same all the way through.

Mens Heavyweight-Division: Carl Postma vs. Brian Browning

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    This looked like a mismatched fight from the get-go. Even though I couldn't find any pictures of him, Carl Postma has to be one of the most physically imposing fighters I've seen in quite a while.

    He reminds me of a taller version of "The Snowman" Jeff Monson. On the flip-side, Browning isn't exactly the most intimidating guy I've seen, since he's a on the chubbier side of the fitness spectrum.

    So, it was a bit of a mismatch from the start. As soon as the bell rung, Brandon came out and tried to either get him down or at least just against the cage. But immediately after, Postma used a good trip and took him to the ground.

    From there, he simply pounded Browning until the fight was eventually called with approximately a minute left.

    I will give Browning some points for being tough and coming at Carl, with little fear, but that was pretty much all he did in the fight.

In Conclusion

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    Throughout the night of fights, I really became a fan of the organization, seeing that they do know how to pick up legitimate talent. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the fights, which shows they know how to match fighters well.

    I cannot wait to see what owners Jeff and Barry Meyer have coming up in the future.

    And I have to throw a shot-out to Justin Bernard for having the absolute best voice I've heard from a ring announcer. People need to hear him, for sure. Bruce Buffer, start saving your pennies, because this man's coming for ya'.

    Tuff-N-Uff is among the more underrated and unappreciated fighting promotions, and I highly recommend you check them out if you ever have the opportunity to do so. The ticket prices are very affordable, so you have little excuse not to!

    Not to mention that most of the fighters come out into the public, so you'll most likely get a chance to snag a picture with them or something along those lines.

    Anyway, thanks for reading the article. Please feel free to check into my past writing work!