Chicago Blackhawks: The Halloween Series

Craig NuzzoCorrespondent IOctober 30, 2008

The Chicago Blackhawks (3-3-3) will be up against the Dallas Stars (4-4-2) on "Trick-O-Treat" night. Unfortunately, I will not be able to watch the game again since my college does not have WGN-local, Versus, or Comcast Sportsnet Plus. It's upsetting.

Let's rundown what the Hawks need to do for a treat:

Score goals: Even thought the Stars have been known to have a solid defense, they lead the league with 40 goals allowed. The Hawks need to get off to a quick start and score some goals. That means you, Jonathon Towes. Let's get that first goal already!

Kill the man advantage: The Hawks are ranked seventh in killing the power play. that's great, now just keep it up against Mike Modano and co.

Patrick Sharp: He has been great so far! Feed him the puck and let him add to his team leading points and assists.

Work the man advantage: The Stars are ranked 26th in the penalty kill category. Let's take advantage in full force.

Get physical...physical!: The Hawks don't have the biggest bodies in the game of hockey, cough...Patrick Kane, but they do have the greatest skilled athletes from the bottom of the roster to the top. Use them well.

Dallas may trick the Hawks:

History on their side: Dallas won last year's series with Chicago 2-1-1.

They can actually beat the Wild: The last game the Stars played was against the Minnesota Wild (6-1-1). The Stars were successful in ending their undefeated campaign.

The ultimate "King Size" treat:

With a win on Halloween night the Hawks can open up a very possible three game win streak against the Dallas Stars (4-4-2), the Columbus Blue Jackets (3-6-0), and the Colorado Avalanche (5-4-0).

Hawks, please don't smell any feet. Let's Go Hawks!