The EmbarrassMETS and The Vent

Christopher TricaricoContributor IOctober 29, 2008

Why do I still care enough about the New York Mets to be writing an article about them on the night that the Phillies have won the World Series?  I don't know, but I guess we'll find out during the next few paragraphs.

A good friend of mine pointed something out that I found to be very interesting/depressing.  Being a Mets fan was so much fun until the very next moment after Endy Chavez made the greatest catch in postseason history.  Every moment as a Mets fan before that point had been filled with joy and promise.  When they got Pedro, we all thought about how lucky we were and how much fun he was on the mound.  Every Pedro start was an event and it was fun to watch. 

All throughout college I watched the Mets, from the fresh opening day in Spring of 2005 to this miserable day in the Fall of 2008, hours after watching the rivals of the Mets win the World Series. After Endy made that catch, my joy for the Mets has been sapped each day.  Sure they win a lot of games but Baseball is supposed to be fun, win or lose. 

The playoff chase in 2008 was not fun to watch at all because every Mets fan had a feeling of impending doom, and why the heck not?!  I felt drained, tired, numb, and sad when I would watch the Mets.  I'd get excited for a big hit or an awesome strikeout but then the bullpen would come in.  Every time the feeling was exhaustion and that's not right.  I should enjoy watching the Baseball game after a long day of studying and classes. 

Somehow, the Mets robbed me of having fun.  Perhaps it was the fact that the organization assured us that we would reach the postseason.  Perhaps it was the fact that I had won tickets for the third year in a row to a series that was never played (The World Series in 2006, the NLDS in 2007, and the NLDS in 2008).  Perhaps it was watching the 3 game lead over the current world champions, the Phillies, that the Mets held in late September.  Perhaps it was the fact that Shea was closing and all the pieces were set for the Mets to win the division.  But they failed in every situation they could have possibly failed in.

There is one man who did all he possibly could to bring the playoffs back to Queens and his name is Johan Santana.  The MVP of the Mets gave this team every opportunity to win.  If the Mets had won half of the games that he had walked out of with a lead, they would have played Baseball in October.  Hey, those are the Mets though.  Sometimes, amidst all the money he's receiving from the Mets, Johan must be thinking why in the world he would join a team of losers.

Losers.  Damned losers is what the Mets are.  I don't care about stats or MVPs or Cy Youngs or Golden Gloves, I care about heart, grit, and performance.  I hope that the members of the Mets bullpen never work again in New York with the exception of Joe Smith.  I hope that Oliver Perez gets signed by nobody and that the Mets DON'T sign him if he comes crawling back.  I hope Moises Alou gets a battery thrown at him and that he and Luis Castillo move to New Hampshire to get married together so that I never have to see them again.  I hope that Aaron Heilman and Scott Schoewenweis become accountants or bankers, just get the heck out of Baseball.  I do hope and pray for Scott's baby though. 

I hope that I see 8 or 9 familiar faces.  Johan Santana, David Wright, Jose Reyes, Mike Pelfrey, John Maine, Daniel Murphy, Ryan Church, Carlos Beltran, Joe Smith, and the rooks.  Throw in Easley and Tatis also.  Get rid of the rest, they are bums, all bums.  I don't want anyone who has even heard of the Mets collapse on this team unless they were a force in attempting to erase it.

I never even got to see Pedro Martinez pitch in the playoffs for us, but I got to see former top prospect Scott Kazmir.  He pitches like a Met too though and can't get out of the sixth inning.  Yep, he's a Met alright.  Did anyone think that Scott Kazmir would make it to the World Series instead of Victor Zambrano and the Mets?  Thanks Jim Duquette and Steve Phillips for continuing to haunt my life, you've given me nightmares for years to come until that guy retires from the Rays.

I don't really understand why I've been put through this with the Mets.  I don't know why i would ever root for someone who fails so much so why would I root for a team that does the same thing.  It's ridiculous.  They are losers and it looks like they are always going to be losers.  Nothing is impossible but I can't see this team even getting to the playoffs anytime soon.  97 wins in 2006?  Must have been a fluke, a horrible, horrible fluke that misguided Mets fans into believing that the Mets are actually capable of bringing joy to their fans. 

Thanks for the Shea Stadium funeral the last day of the season.  I didn't try to get tickets because I already had my playoff tickets.  I laughed and said oh no, they will play this October, you wait and see you non-believers.  I was wrong.