The 25 Laziest Guys in Sports

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The 25 Laziest Guys in Sports
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Okay, there’s some grade A evisceration going on in this slideshow, so if you’re a parent/friend/acquaintance of a professional athlete I think I’d prefer that you didn’t read this. 

Another addendum — I liked a lot of the guys on this list!

If I were a professional athlete, I’m actually not 100 percent certain I wouldn’t be lazy as well.

Heck, this slideshow was due yesterday…these guys are practically my kin.

Just missing the cut were: Mike Williams (of the Bills variety), the steroid users, Calvin Murphy, Travis Henry and Antonio Cromartie (a trio I’d like to dub, “The Fertility Clinic”), Babe Ruth, Tim Thomas, Glenn Robinson, Hal Morris, Miguel Cabrera, and Dmitri Kristich. Basically there were a ton of them so I tried to err on the side of the relatively current/guys I had actually heard of.

Let’s begin…

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