Breaking the Fourth Wall: A Letter to Vincent Kennedy McMahon

Josh BrewerCorrespondent IJune 28, 2011

Mr. McMahon,

You've done a lot of brilliant things over the course of your career, and you've done a lot of stupid things. Last night, you somehow managed to simultaneously do both.

When you let CM Punk loose with the microphone at the conclusion of Raw, you brilliantly allowed him to do what he does better than anyone in your company: Cut a promo. Punk acknowledged topics hot amongst the Internet Wrestling Community on numerous occasions, tore down some of the most integral pieces of your machine, but when it came to mentioning your daughter and son-in-law, you "had enough."

The fans you acknowledged, by design or otherwise, in broadcasting Phil Brooks (or should I still be calling him CM Punk?) at his finest knew this "shoot" was anything but. Brooks is too smart to go into business for himself. God and everyone knows you would have cut Brooks' mic immediately if he went rogue on you.

Nonetheless, you allowed someone who is truly talented to prove it. There hasn't been a promo that good since the Attitude Era, and whether or not you want to admit it, you know your poster boys couldn't touch what Brooks did last night.

You're brilliant for letting Brooks do what he does. You're an idiot for doing it six years too late, and you're even worse for letting the most talented person in YOUR locker room walk out the door three weeks from now.


Is it because he wants to own the rights to the name he created? Is it because he wants to be a real main-event player, but you're too consumed by making SuperCena and WonderOrton untouchable?

Whatever the reason, it isn't a good one.

Your company is well short of main-event talent. Outside of SuperCena and WonderOrton, you have The Miz. Alberto Del Rio will probably get there this year. And that's it. That's all you've got, Vince.

You're telling me you'd rather shove R-Truth down our throats than give CM Punk the main event spot he deserves?

Truth can't work the mic, he can barely wrestle, and the crowd loses interest as soon as he steps through the curtain. But, somehow, he makes more sense in a WWE Championship feud with SuperCena?

And it isn't as though this is a new trend. You reuse the same five guys in your main events to a point of nausea, yet you stick talented guys like CM Punk into dead-end storylines like the Straight Edge Society.

You really thought it was better to throw Dave Bautista and John Layfield into countless main events instead of guys like Brooks, like Chris Jericho? At least you came around on Jericho, albeit years too late.


Maybe the Paul Levesques, the Dave Bautistas, the John Cenas of the world come into your company and succeed because they're built like cyborgs. You love those big guys, don't you, Vince?

You've looked past so many talented guys because they aren't "big enough." Guys like Punk, Jericho, Christian, and Eddie Guerrero never got the places they deserved because they didn't stand six-foot-five and weigh 265 pounds.

Yes, all four of those men are former world champions, but how many legitimate title runs did they have? Between those four, there are nine WWE world championship reigns that total 499 days. That's fewer days than WonderOrton has held the title, and less than half as many days as SuperCena and your son-in-law, Triple H, have been world champion.

And history will repeat itself. You're about to bury your "Chosen One," Drew McIntyre, for good. Will you hold Colby Lopez (I'm sorry...Seth Rollins) back despite his rampant success on the indy circuit?

WWE is certainly the McMahon family business. But maybe you should start listening to people outside of that family of yours and surround yourself with some truly creative people. Last I checked, Paul Heyman is still a free agent.

"That's right, I'm a Paul Heyman guy!"

You're your own worst enemy, Vince. If you weren't so damn stubborn, you would do everything necessary to make sure Phil Brooks brings CM Punk to WWE programming for a long, long time.



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